Greenhorn here. Looking for affirmation

Relationship between temp and relative humidity. Its no big deal, should be able to download a chart Google and cheat.

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I too am a newbie but have 2 48" evap coolers in the shop(not for growing)You DEFINITELY DONT want that in your house.It lowers temps in a open shop but youll be close to 100% humidity for us here in south florida.It does lower temp by 15 degrees or so,but not what your after.

I did google it.
Got a pretty good idea that I need to raise my RH.

I considered gettign some evap coolers, but not going to worry about it.
I think my temps are ok, if i Raise RH

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I agree, this a good starting point.

Ive heard of people in the desert cooling with them but here it only “feels” cooler in front of it running.A lot of times I actually leave the water off and only use the fan.Being used in a metal fabrication shop.Using 2 48" for 2500 square feet.

Yea, just went ahead and started the dark period tonight, and I’ll rotate around to day time tomorrow.

Bumped humidity up to 65rh.

Raised my light about 4 inches ( it was about 12-14 )
They are already thanking me.

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Just curious, I’ve been using distilled water this whole time.

However, I can see this getting expensive after a few months of $1 a gallon. Is there any issue with using regular tap water? Perhaps letting it sit out for a day or so to dechlorinate?

I was worried about hardness and chlorine.

If you have a ppm meter you may want to check your tap water if over like 180 wouldn’t use it

I do, thanks.

I’ll check that out.

On another note, the plants are looking great, but that one plant still has this crazy spiky look to it.

All of the leaf edges (the gagged part) are turned up almost cactus like.

It’s kinda crazy.

That one plant looks remarkably different to the others.
I’ll post a picture in a few hours.

But they seem to be taking off quite nicely.

I fimmed all 4 of them, but the two smaller plants are so close to toppi g I think I may get those results…

Oh well, live and learn…

My next grow I am going to take a different approach and do some experimenting.


So they are all perking up nicely, except the one that still looks really “spiky”.
Even it is looking great, just leaves curling up.

I have been watering less often, and they seemed to love that.

Plant #1 fimmed (3 days later) Healthy

Plant #1 close up of the fim

Plant #1 whole

Plant # 2 Healthy

Here is a closeup of the fim, three days later :smiley:

Plant # 3, this is my miracle baby.
Spiky as hell. Also has a COMPLETELY different look than all of the others.

Another pic. Lower right leaf (center of pic) is curling up.
Not sure what is going on with this one.

Plant # 4
This is the one that was stunted at the beginning.
She was very droopy and sickly.
She perked right up after fixing my watering schedule.

I believe she will still be a bit stunted, but she is catching up quickly.

So, I feel like I can almost force the plant to stretch by moving the light up, then back down.
I moved the light up the other day, and they all stretched like 3 inches.
I moved the light back down, and they all started to grow more outward.
I know this is expected, but It was really cool to see first hand.

Also, really interesting is how fimming them exploded the growth down low.
It was like it instantly triggered a reaction in the plant to grow out instead of up.
Again, I know this is expected, but It was really interesting to witness.

As far as the LST goes.
I’m doing my best there, but I kinda feel like I have no idea what to do, lol.
Guess thats because I’ve never done it before :man_facepalming:

@dbrn32, can you tag someone who may know what is going on with lady #3? the spiky one?
She seems to be growing fine, but its really odd.

I don’t know you can clearly see anything wrong with that plant. Looks like new growth, and that’s pretty much how it comes out.

I’m talking about how spiky and curled up the leaves are?

Can you see that in those pictures?

Here is another picture where I highlighted it.

None of the other plants thave this.

It’s all over this plant.
If it is normal, I’ll just ignore it. But that bottom right leaf is also curling up a bit.

All of those edges are pointed straight up

Trying to figure out what is going on here.
They are all kinda curling up, and they look almost like they are drying out.

First thought when I see this is watering or vpd issue. But could be something as simple as fan blowing too much air over them.

I have asupport ticket here:

I actually think you are onto something with the fan.
IT was a static directional fan, and was basically blowing right at that plant that is curling the most.
I just moved it up (like right befroe my post earlier) where it is not directly blowing at any one plant, but rather circulating air above them (and will get a oscillating fan soon).

I had used a some diagnostic site on growweedeasy, and it looked to be the fan issue.

So, maybe that will help out.

I’m not thinking its the vpd issue, I used an online calculator as someone mentioned earlier and am pretty well inline.
I’ll check again all the readings to be sure.
Only one I was guestimating on was leaf temp. I may grab myself a laser thermometer so I can nail that down.

Thanks for your support.

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I could get behind that. I think what happens is even though your vpd is good too much air movement over leaves makes them behave similarly to a vpd issue.

That would make sense. Scientifically it could work on the same principle as a solute dissolving in a solvent faster when agitated.

In this case, it is water(solute) dissolving in air (gas, fluid, solvent) in a situation where it is getting agitated by the fan… (thus drying out the leaves)

Hopefully this is all it is and I just need a better fan that will oscillate.

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This is part that caused problems, to my understanding.

On a real note, is she starting to flower?

Suspected preflower:

Neem oil kills all 4 stages of fungus gnats. We had a house party in the tent. Killed all