Greenhorn here. Looking for affirmation

Thanks , it’s easy to tell which two are the grand daddy purple.


That’s for sure :love_you_gesture:

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Those are some purple beauties.

Grandaddy purp was my all time favorite strain until I tried blue dream the first time. Still my #1 and #2.

I definitely need to keep these as short as possible given the height restrictions. I’m at 8 days right now(□from sprout) when do yall usually start tying them down?

I’ve read after 3rd node develops, and other information. What is your take?

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Usually the opposite in my experience. When different plants start touching they Usually try to reach over the plants next to them. More of competing for light than space. Which at least makes them taller. Not necessarily bigger, but not smaller either.

I feel like you have done a lot of reading, maybe too much to tie everything together in simple understanding. Your space (2’x3’ right?) Is going to produce what it’s going to produce based on how you have it setup and genetics you are running. Running 1 plant trained to fill it or 20 plants isn’t going to change how much it will produce by a significant amount. This is why most breeders suggest indoor yeild per square meter instead of by plant. So you have your space with your plants, full is pretty much full, and that’s what you should be shooting for. Then you have to take into account that plants won’t flower until mature, which is usually about 4-5 weeks old. In that time making them go bigger is probably going to be a waste of time and effort because amount of plants you have will likely fill your space anyway. More plants equals less veg time, less plants requires more veg time. The longer veg time is where most of the training methods come in as an effort to get the plants to grow wider and keep them manageable with limited height of being in something like a tent.

It should. I feel like we have ran into some issues a few years back, but that was more of something with software formatting, and seems to be good now.


Great executive summary @dbrn32. I’m on my first grow, done a ton of reading, but had never put together the relationship between veg time / number of plants / lateral spread. It makes perfect sense now, I just hadn’t put two and two together.


I see you’re growing autos I would top at 4 or 5 nodes If they’re growing good and healthy. Give them a little time to recover an add some framework then pull and spread the limbs out a little for better light penetration. That’s just me different growers have different styles. :v::+1:


Yes, quite alot.

Enlightening perspective, most likely right on track. I tend think very logically about things and often my mind defaults to input/output, and so I consistently seek out answers for things I don’t understand so that I can have an objective understanding of it. It kinda leads information overload at times, and when I have no application to back up the information, things can get convoluted. In this case, I seem to have not considered the system as a while.

It actually makes good sense that they would actually fight to be taller, since in nature that would be the plants most likely solution, is to try to go find light.

Though, it also makes good sense that because they would all fight for light, that they will all yield proportiinately less, and therefore have a similar outcome.

I’ve read this pretty consistently, but have also had alot of inconsistency on whether that is from sprout, or from after the first two weeks. Not sure why there is so much ambiguity, but it seems that some people talk time with different beginning reference points. Are you talking from sprout?

Got it. This is one of the things I’m most concerned with, as my tent is only 53 in tall. Thanks for all your responses.

Hey great callout. I wanted to experiment: i think I want to top 2 of them and FIM 2, so I can understand the different results.

Thanks all for your responses. I’ll take some pics soon and post em. :smiley:

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I also like to fim autos , Just make sure and get a full 80% snip on the fim. Autos will start flowering between 4 to7 weeks. Top or fim at 4 or 5 nodes Before they start flowering. Either one will slow down the upward growth and let the side branches catch up and make a nice even canopy. Good luck.

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I’ll give this a shot in 2-3 weeks.
Curious, have you ever used the FF HappyFrog soil?
I’ve seem to run into a gnat problem.

Only solution to get some flypaper?

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I have used it before but it’s been a few years back. Don’t remember having any problems. I am stuck on ocean forest It will carry the plants up to about 5 weeks without feeding.
Mosquito bites works well to get rid of gants.

Sprout is the only time that matters. If your plants have leaves in addition to cotyledons they are producing vegetative growth and no longer seedlings. If people have plants 2+ weeks old that still don’t have any natural leaves, I would caution following in their exact footsteps. But most likely they are just repeating some unvetted stuff they read on the internet :rofl:.

Here is the thing, some strains genetically have a very fast or slow rate of maturity. If you threw 100 different plants in a grow on 12/12 from the start, they will be all over the place as for exact day they start throwing pistils. But the majority of them would probably fall around +/- 5 weeks. Every day there is a post about autos 6-10 weeks old that aren’t flowering, and 95% of them are on 16 or more hours of light. The seed shop didn’t mess the order up, it’s just a recessive gene. The other 5% is light leaks, which is basically the same thing.

I have same size tent you do. I grow in coco now, so maybe a little faster than soil in terms of growth rate, but 2 plants from seed flipped on day 35 from sprout. No topping or fimmimg, I just bend my main cola over for a few days a week or so before flip to raise secondaries. Here is what my 2x3 looks like flowered out.

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Exactly why I asked :smiley:

Those plants are beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.

When I was about ~16-17, my stepdad decided he “wanted to see if he could grow the s[tuff]”
and started a plant in the garden, right next to the tomatoes. Mind you, he didn’t smoke, and had blistered me the first time I got caught (lol). Anyways, It was only maybe 6 weeks old, outdoor. It smelled so heavenly.

So, last night I smelled mine, and it took me straight back to that those days. It was really transcendental.

How far from the top of your tent is the light?
looks like it is very near the top.
What’s your arrangement like when it comes to ventilation?

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Fan and filter are strapped tight to top support poles, and light is pretty to the fan and filter. I had to go out of town for couple days earlier in grow and had plant grow up into the light. If you look close may be able see some light damage. Here is pic of other plant that you can see arrangement a little better.

I had to take it down for long term guest, otherwise I would go take a bunch of pics for you. That situation has worked itself out and should have fired up again pretty quickly.

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Hoping for some guidance on this one.

Here is some pics of my grow at its current state

This one is my best looking girl

This one is my #2
Something is going on with the leaves a bit.
I’ve done some research trying to diagnose, and am suspecting either overwatering, or heat damage.

This one really just is not doing that well.
This was had something weird happen when she sprouted, and the seed was stuck on her, and she couldn’t get out. i had to help it out, and it has been rough ever since.
Again, looks like maybe my own fault on some overwatering

These next two are my miracle baby.
This is one from the first batch that I thought had died, but ended up popping up.
She looks to have a tiny bit of nute burn on her leaves.

I had started to give nutrients, but then stopped and has been straight water since then.
She is still pretty healthy though.

What strain is that?
Very pretty.

Also, I checked and the images have been stripped of metadata :smiley:

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So I’ve researched these forums a ton on overwatering, and I’m pretty convinced I was overwatering.

I’ve been spraying the top of the soil with water about 2x a day since day one.


I’m gonna leave the sound to dry out over next day or so and see what happens.

Durban-Thai x Cinderella 99 on right, and Mattybear Red Headed Slut on left.

Hard to get good look at leaves in that lighting, but I suspect your assessments are pretty accurate.

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I have run 4 auto in my smaller 32x32. I have found they will fit just fine with straight up letem go. They are smaller plants. I prefer a photo in the smaller tents though. I just drop a clone in a 20gal and fim. Just me. Here is a gg extreme and a lemon i just feed and forget. Also a gg4 clone in a 3x3 2 weeks into flip or so. Last big gg in this tent netted 14oz dry. 5oz trim for edibles dried and decarbed.

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Couple days later:
So what I’m seeing is a tiny bit of leaf curling up.
The two plants that are a little stunted look to be suffering from just a tinge of nute burn.
The color of the leaves is beautiful otherwise, but only a small place or two of bright “yellow-brown” typical to the nute burn I see all over the forums.

I had fed them a very small amout of nutrients early on, but havent in quite some time.
Below, most healthy plant. Slight curling up of leaves.

Plant #2, second healthiest. Almost identical to first.

Same plant as above, little bit wilted leaves, small amount of burn?

Plant that I was most concerned about, most nute burn?
Look at bottom center-left single lobe leaf

This was my miracle baby.
Honestly, this girl is beautiful, just… smll compared to the other two. She is VERY short and squat comparatively. You can REALLY see the curling in these photos.

Currently running about 50-55% RH, running 80-83 temps. Sometimes a bit lower.

Nutrients was FF GrowBig, 1/2 tsp to a gallon of water, fed twice. Once on day 3, once on day 6.

Realized not to do that and watered plain water a little heavier.

They are in 3 gal pots.

Running 24/0 lights.

I would switch to 18/6 with lights out at warmest part of day. When leaves start pointing up is usually an issue with vapor pressure deficit or light a little too close.

You probably don’t need to be feeding right now. Just run wet dry cycles until you can measure depleted runoff or have some other indicator its time to start feeding.

Can you elaborate a bit on this?
Also, huge thanks for all your help.

I’ll drop the lighting schedule back and Also I’ll try moving the light a little further away.

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