Greenhorn here. Looking for affirmation

Ok. Did alot of research… BUT, Never found this forum till later after some purchases.

After a TON of reading, I’m pretty much only concerned about 3 things (so far).

  1. My lights (of course blurple lol)
  2. Maybe I’m starting too many plants lol. (I did some research, and decided on 3 plants, then up the first three seeds (too deep) started 3 more, and had one of the old ones pop up (she’s a trooper). So I’ve got 4 going right now.
  3. Temperature. I’m a little hot right now.

Ok the deets:

  1. Strain: Blue dream auto from ilgm.
  2. Tent: 24x36x53. I was able to fit it in a closet (completely concealed with discreet cord).
  3. Ventilation, 6 inch AC infinity Cloudline S6.
    i. iPower 6 inch Carbon filter.
  4. Lights: 2x “1500w” Bestva LED’s. Yes they are blurple.
    i. Actual power draw is 195 watt.
    ii. I dabble in photography so I have some 135w CFL’s (huge mofos) that I can supplement with, if
    necessary. I probably will TBH.
  5. Vivosun humidifier warm/cool mist.
  6. Growing medium
    i. FoxFarm Happy Frog 75%/ Perlite 25%
    ii. 3 gal fabric pots (though, I underfilled the first three because the soil settled, now I know)
  7. Nutrients:
    i. FoxFarm Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom.

Current state:
I domed my seedlings and they are 7 days old and already getting their first set of 3-lobed leaves (plust some tiny little poking out the center [next node?])

Day 6, no longer under the dome (really just a plastic cup)
Humidifier not in yet. Coming in monday.
Right now RH is around 45-50%.

First Question:
Do you think I’ll be fine on the lights?
That’s a total of 390 watts LED. And they are supposedly LM301B diodes.
With both veg + flower switches on, it looks relatively close to white light. Though, it’s still that blurple color.
Like I said, I can add those spare CFLs to fill out the spectrum if necessary.
(Also, I CAN buy more lights, just would prefer not to lol, I’m pretty heavy in the tooth on this project already)

Second Question:
I originally intended to start 3 plants, and ended up with 4.
They are auto’s so I don’t have too much room for HST, but I do intend to do quite a bit of LST.
My intention is to FIM the top (from research, this seemed to be the lowest stress version of HST). Then I’m looking to tie down branches to keep the canopy low.
Once I feel like I’m getting to flower stage, I plan to defoliate the underside of the plants, How far up the plant?
After getting into flowering, my plan is to continue the defoliation with lollipopping the colas.

Third Question:
Can you all think of any tricks to use to lower the temp, without flooring my AC.
I looked at those “evaporative coolers” but doesn’t look to promising.
If I could find some kind of miniscule AC unit, I’d be down to buy.

Temps are running a little hot. Hovering 78-83F.
Hoping for some direction on how I can resolve.
I have an AC unit in the room containing the closet, but the window is across the room, so not right next to it. Can turn the AC down lower, and keep temps in about 75F range (in the tent). One of the little ones was starting to taco because it got too hot (90F) and so I cut adjacent AC unit down.
Unfortunately, I cannot duct the heat out of the closet, just leave it wide open all day. Only close it if I’m expecting company or leaving the house. Then, I will lock the closet and shut the door (just in case).
(though, I could theoretically cut a hole in the drywall and duct it into the attic… I’d just have to fix it if I ever move out, and I know drywall, so that’d be a option if all else fails).
I did give just a tiny bit of nutrients to the seedlings.
1/2 tsp of the grow big, to one gallon of distilled water. Measured up at 100ppm.
I gave em 2 shots of that. One on day 3 and one today. With spray bottles of water to keep top layer moist, up until this point.
I don’t plan to give any more nutes, as I was surfing around here today, and read some posts about no nutes before 30days.

IDK, what’s yalls take?


Your post was edited for language, please keep that in check.

Probably more than enough. But you’re running more power than would be needed with higher quality lights, and likely the reason you feel temps are an issue.

More plant’s than most can manage in this space if plant’s are healthy and grow at reasonable rate. But not impossible to do. Seems like you mentioned about every training method possible too. I would just focus on managing your canopy and getting into flower. You can see what is needed from there.

80ish pretty ideal canopy temps for led grows. I wouldn’t worry about temps if you can stay in that range.


Like @dbrn32 said wouldn’t worry about temps my temps are the same the happy frog soil will carry you for a couple weeks so do like you are very easy with the nutrients happy growing :v:

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I assume those lights came with par maps try to get rough estimated dli of 10-15 to start with and try to increase it by 5 every 4-6 days ( here’s a link for a converter Converting PPFD to DLI – Horticulture Lighting Group) I’d try starting with topping with your first grow then experiment with maybe only 1 or 2 fims and see which you prefer. As long as you keep humidity up pot can handle Temps of up to 98( you’d need close to 90 % humidity though)

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Just because most of us dig qboards does not mean those bestva are bad. Hotter. Super well built. Amazing customer support. I have a 3k i pull out at times for my 2x4. I have gotten solid flowers using it. Temps float to 85 at times but plants dont freak out. Have hit 90. Weed. Just keepem from being thirsty with high temp/low humidity. Since i start and finish in those ranges the plants do fine. Slower but i veg a lot. You are auto. Ruderalis is hardy. Just my thoughts on those lights and temp.

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Hey sorry about the language!

I looked for a rule sheet somewhere but couldn’t find it easily.

Can you point me to one?

And also, I’m basing alot of this on things I have read here.

I have read alot about training and everything I’ve seen that combination seems to be the best results. What would you suggest? Just simple LST?

Yea, the heat thing I think is primarily because of the fact that it’s in a closet and not vented out exclusively.

Thanks for the feedback.

I just see alot of criticism about the blurple lights. Glad to see it’s not all bad.

Ok cool.

So. As far as lighting goes, I most likely stick this one out and see how it goes.

What are some good lights that run really cool?

Any suggestions?

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Hey thanks! I love it when I see responses that have some real science behind the logic. I’ll look into this.

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HLG are the favs here but samsung 301b/h boards with uv/red are most popular in general. I personally have tried all kind. Hobbiest amd retired so my play money is right here. You can snatch some great boards on FB Marketplace. For some reason Oklahoma growers are failing and i saw many upper end lights being sold very cheap. Hlg. Growers choice. Chill. Those newer bestva have white. They are not true blurples. One of our friends here got a great deal on cali lightworks gear. I think you are good for now. Getem flowered and harvested and make adjustments second batch. Learn first. Good lights no good if you killem.

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Welcome to the community ! 4 plants that’s going to be very tight. I like to allow a 2 x 2 space for each plant and that can get tight. good luck :+1::v:


Here ya go buddy…



@Dakjoe the bigger plants are the more they will yeild. The more training you do the bigger plants will get. Problem is you don’t have room to get your plants very big with the amount of plants you have.


I could remove one.
I saw another thread here where a guy (@Flying-High) Had 3 autos (WWA?) in the same size tent as me.

Did very well.
That’s why I had originally settled on 3, but he is a more advanced grower
Now I have 4, by chance.

I could always cull one if that might be a better solution?


Lol, yea that’s what I was thinking.

I have one with some kind of damage to one of her leaves that seems to have mildly stunted growth.

I may pull one.
I mean, it’s my first grow so :man_shrugging:



Believe me I know it’s hard to cull one , I hate to do that. I have finished more plants in a space than I should For example 6 plants in a 4x4 space. I promise myself not to do that again. Good luck @Dakjoe

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You don’t need to get rid of a plant, that would be backwards from conventional thinking.


Understood. Alright sounds good I’ll let em ride.

Realized that this was not true.

Went back and referred, and looks like he had only one inside.

Imma go for all 4 of them.

I’ll get a feel for how big this strain gets, and adjust for next time. I’ve got 13 more seeds so :D…

How did that turn out?

Do you think the natural competition for space/light will keep them small?

Also, @dbrn32, if I were to post pics, will ilgm automatically scrub Metadata (GPS, device info, etc)


Welcome to the community, I can’t offer much that the great Cultivators :point_up_2: have mentioned, but I personally would want to keep all 4 trained to stay fairly close to within the pot diameter and early HST with a tent height of 53” with just lighting you’re looking at 46-48” and canopy distance… 36-38” of ceiling height. You should be ok, my autos average 24”-30” above the pot. Air circulation and exhaust will be critical to maintain temps/RH :love_you_gesture:

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Plants will fight for space and you will end up with smaller plants. I grow 4 plants in a 4x4 space. I do a little training and also top plants one time to fill the space. And maintain a even canopy. It would be a little tough to squeeze another one in. Grand daddy purple an gold



Gorgeous Purple in those Buds :love_you_gesture:

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