Greenhorn 1st Grow Tips Welcomed!

Thanks guys!

@pillsbury I’m hooking up my Fan & Filter Monday so I’ll be checking out those humidity charts Monday, They look complex, might have questions when I get there! Thanks for sharing those!

Also, Measured the Lights with the Lux Meter…12" below the light in the center I’m getting readings over 4k! That’s some crazy readings, but its accurate…measured in my bedroom which is set up to be total darkness with the blinds and curtains closed, Went in there in middle of day yesterday closed the windows and tested the meter…read exactly ZERO in the dark and 4500 seconds later right under the light…must be accurate. I was reading a blog on here and someone put up a video link to a Professor at a university in Utah I think…he stated Cannabis maxes out the light at 2,000 Lux…so I should be ok on the lights. It cant process more than 2,000 so those can go to other plants. If not they just get wasted. It was insightful.

I set up the water system yesterday. Learned I could add more halos so I have then coming should be here tomorrow. I’ll post up pics when I get them finished. The water pump works with the system I tested it on the timer last night. No leaks and the water goes right into the pot.

So now time for some ‘dumb’ questions. Basic questions…,

I have the 15 gallon fabric pots from Vivosun. Once I transplant the ladies into that, do I need to place that fabric pot into a water dish? Will the excess water drain out into the tent floor if I don’t use one? Never used these before, always used plastic pots so this is new to me. I don’t want to have to drain water outta the bottom of my Tent but I don’t see others using a drain pan. Obviously I don’t want to overwater but I’m sure even on an automated system I’m gonna have to play with it to dial it in.

Does your lights have a dimmer? If so you can use your meter to dial in what you need & not waste anything

There are others on here far more educated on this than I am like @dbrn32 is the top dog in this area and is able to share his expertise wher you can understand it.

They make dishes to put under you fabric pots, but you also need something to hold the pot up out of the run off as they don’t like wet feet and it also helps keep the bottom drier so less chance of mold growing. Here’s a bunch to choose from

Then in the tray you need some kind of trivet er what ever to keep it out of water here’s some to consider

If there’s a grow shop near you you can go & look at them 1st hand, some shop owners know what they are talking about and some are there to just pile on more stuff so beware as I see you like to buy more stuff (me too). I’ll answer anything I feel comfortable with but may direct you to others for a lot of it, I would hate to screw up your grow and it appears that you’ll be a great grower and your hooked already without even a seed breaking ground yet.

you will on this site

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My water is running 81 degrees. And I’m using the drip system. I was gonna get a chiller but my question is if the water sits in the hose on the automatic dripper when it reaches the girls won’t it be hotter than the recommended 68 degrees???

Am I worrying over nothing? Get the chiller? Or no?

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A chiller would be nice, if your res is kept 65 or so there’s less chance of crap growing in your res & lines. They make a solution called clear res, I have some but haven’t used it yet as I’m tryin dirt this go round (probably going back to hydro except for the mothers) Your solution will most likely be hotter than 68* at the drip head, whats the temp of your tent & soil? It may be that it will be more than 68* no matter what you do cuz of the wait time between leaving the res & getting to the soil. The chiller will help you deal with growth in the res for sure but I’m not sure on the rest. @Nicky runs a auto pot set up maybe he can answer your question. When you want to ask someone a question & you have an idea of who to ask type @ and then their user name & it will notify them that you need their assistance. Like this @quinton

@pillsbury thanks for the info! I keep reading everything and trying to absorb it all.

So I hooked up my fan and AC & Humidity controller. I’m running 82 degrees in my tent. With both lights on MAX. Trying to replicate what will happen. So that’s about 5-7 degrees to hot. I got an 8” AC infinity to exhaust. Do I need a 2nd one to bring the temp down because it’s been running at MAX speed and only down to 82 degrees??

I’ve got good negative air pressure I thought. Maybe I don’t???

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Okay so I freaked out over nothing. Revented the tent and moved the carbon filter and inline air system OUTSIDE the tent. Ive got no more alarms. But humidity is very low. Ordered a humidifier and it will be here Friday.


I have a 5x5 tent with a 8" ac in it and only run it at 6, could suck it flat, not really but I’m glad I have the anti suck bars in it. Whats the temps in the room your tent is in? You need to get the room’s temps & RH conditioned and that will control the tent for you I would think a 8" would be plenty, an 82 is ok but I try not to exceed around 75 lots of others do run hotter than my preference. With summer comming on it will be more of a challenge to keep temps where you need them, so your smart running experiments now. Look at the charts and think of when you expect to be yegging & flowering and will you be able to control the room temps an RH during those months. What I do and others do is only a reference, your grows are all personal for your style of growing. There are people on here that use Miracle Grow even tho the consensus is it’s crap an seem to do okay with it. Small buzz going an I’m rambling now so I’ll go cook something for dinner, if my head sez “hey ya shoulda said this” then I’ll be back. Hope at least some of this made sense.

You running a fan inside the tent ?

Ok so I got the temp fixed. Went outta town had a friend water the girls. They got N depleated the last day I was out so I’m feeding them the CYCO. I wasn’t gonna feed till 20th but some of them wanted it on like day 18/19.

Will be transplanting this week into final home and gonna clean the tent floor. Had a little mishap on the water system. Lol learning curve. It gave me a humidity boost tho. So for those looking
For more humidity. Hahaha