Greenhorn 1st Grow Tips Welcomed!

Sounds good bro , I see good intentions


Carefull on the seeds I have 18 verities stored in the fridge now. I’ll be dead before I ever use them all. For your sog learn to clone, there is a pump you can order from Home Depot (search H.D. for clone pump) it’s $23 & you can pick it up at the store @PharmerBob told me about them and with a bucket & lid you can make a cloner cheap & easy.

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My advised before you continue spending is hold up , put it together then invest on whatever else

Nice, yeah I was thinking id get a few seed and just practice cloning and keep them in veg until I get the # of plant I want. Maybe do a clone tent. For a SOG and clones the struggle Ive read is starting them all about the same height so none overshadow the others.

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YES I wanna be done spending! lol My credit card company already asked if I was ok! HAHAHA Im like yeah just blowing my stimmy $$.

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Yeah it looks like you gonna have to rethink things once you put it together , gotta have some left

What do you think I should rethink?

I’m definitely rethinking the soil vs hydro. I just didn’t trust myself right out the gate to go hydro. However, now that I have done more research I’m thinking soil is harder to manage. I could be completely wrong,

Open to suggestions

On most items I have until roughtly the 20th to return for refund. just checked amazon. I 'm hooked on prime.

I personally started with hydro , it’s was a mess for me but taken I was missing a lot ,I mean your set up sounds ambitious, just gotta take some money , the water set up sounds good like you can do auto pots with that, the problem is it’s takes while to dial in , once you have it your set the problem is that it might take a couple of failures , sometimes no harvest , it’s up to you for me I love hydro but in my position is not the best set up for me yet since I move a lot and I don’t have a designated space so that one of the main problems with hydro they stationary mainly

I feel you in that bro! Ima do the hydroponics but maybe next grow. Worked on the set up today. Will post what I get done in a few. Lights should be here tomorrow. Saturday I should have components to set up for watering system.

This was my space before. Ignore my shoddy carpentry on them outlets. I was over this flip and said screw it. Hahaha Here is the tent set up. Ended up going with the Vivosun 5X10.

Only just the beginning but you gotta start somewhere!


@pillsbury man thanks so much for that info on cloning! I’ve started class! I’ll probably try and build that Saturday. The same day I set up the water system. I’ll post more pics as I get things set up. I’ve got a shit ton more stuff arriving tomorrow.

Damn I went ahead and bought the 2nd Spider Farmer Commercial 5x5 7000. Just call me crazy AF. I really just didn’t wanna have to do more heavy lifting in a month or two. They both arrive tomorrow along with my Lux Meter so I’ll post up those reading off these lights. Not much out there on them and I’m just crazy enough to say to hell with it. Let try em.

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Alright I got both 5x5 Spider Farmer SE7000 installed in the tent today. I’m not thrilled about how they connect to the roof so I have an idea to fix it. That should lift the lights another 6” so I have more room to work.

These lights allow the drivers to be mounted outside the tent which i what I did. This allows the heat that the lights create to be OUTSIDE the tent. Also during germination these lights can be 24” to the plant. Veg you place them 18” from canopy & flower is 12-18” from canopy. Aince a lot of heat that normally is emitted from the lights will be outside the tent you can place the lights closer without damaging the ladies. Also you can daisy chain the dimmer.

Tomorrow will be setting up the water system. I’m distilling water in a distiller I got to check the purity of it. It will distill a liter per hour. If this works then water quality should be great.

Let y’all know what I get done tomorrow. Still got some items being delivered. Slowly but surely getting there.

Tested the first batch of water. PH is exactly Zero. Calibrated the PPM Meter got the Bluelab that about $85 plus the solutions for now. This is what was left on the paper towel after I dumped the nastiness that remained in the distiller & wiped it clean after 1 liter! This water is PURE now! Filling up a 14 gallon drum I got. Probably gonna distill a bunch of water since it came with a lid & seal. Will use a 5 gallon bucket for water system until they need more water than that.

Dam your going crazy with this, so many new toys. When you play with raising your lights be careful not to get to close to flamable things (like your tent). On my HLG scorpion Diablo it sez no closer than 17" I think so be alert to that, I have thought about making a heat sink to place 3 or so inch’s above the light like you would on the back of a wood stove so you can place it closer to combustible things. what ever you do don’t burn yer house down. Tents are nice but not to live in!!!

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You can also use water from a dehumidifier, I do but have never checked water quality. I get about 1 & 1/2 gallons a day so it helps.

Good call! I’ll make sure that I stay 17” or more from the tent. :rofl: Yeah I just flipped this damn house & gutted it to the studs. Ain’t trying to rebuild it from the ground up!

Man I’m loving these new toys! Honestly thru COVID I saved everything I could but fortunately I was OK financially. It was very touchy for a few months. Wanted to do this a year ago but put things on hold. Just wasn’t sure what was gonna happen.

I’m interested in the humidity levels & my gauge will be here tomorrow on that. Will be checking that out shortly.

My Lux meter is saying crazy ass readings. In the 3k’s. Not sure if that’s right but haven’t really read anything other than what manufacturers state the reading should be. Probably got it to close cuz I thought the reading would be around 1100 under the middle of one light. Hmmmmm still gotta look at that.

Running the lights with some tropicals I grow just for fun as I’m not quite ready to germinate the girls just yet. It’s looking great so far! Thanks for all the tips! I’ll continue to update y’all! Water system tomorrow.

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Ahhhhh wow, just wow, some serious coinage going on there. If u produce as well as u set-up for producing, u will do very well my friend. There has to b a weeks worth of reading there if not more. @quinton “These lights allow the drivers to be mounted outside the tent which i what I did. This allows the heat that the lights create to be OUTSIDE the tent”. @pillsbury “When you play with raising your lights be careful not to get to close to flamable things (like your tent). On my HLG scorpion Diablo it sez no closer than 17”. @quinton “Good call! I’ll make sure that I stay 17” or more from the tent”. Like I said a lot of reading to b done. I surely hope u familiarize ur self to what u gots going on. Good luck I hope u tear it up. :+1::+1::v::v::alien:

Here’s some charts I gleened from this site. Something to look at & ponder for a while.


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Awesome coming together very good quality items and looks like you know what you are doing