Green worms on my gelito plants

The super bad little bastards here ar the Japanese inch worms and tent caterpillars! You get those little bastards yer dope is in serious trouble!

I live in the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont in the woods so I always see a lot of them. Same thing thing happened last year.

sounds like an exotic place! Is it really called the Northeast Kingdom? Thats cool

Yeah we get all the cold weather up here right on the Canadian border about a hundred miles from Montreal they caused the Northeast Kingdom

Oh yes the definitely the white flies

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Started to spray BT on my plants. Taking care of green worms caterpillars and white flies I have at least 3 or 4 daddy long legs on my plants, doing there jobs.I have been spraying the ground with Diatomaceous earth around my grow pots and on the soil. Got a lot of grasshoppers hopping around. That’s it on the bug control.

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