Green Tint Discoloration of (3-Week-Old) Plant's Fan Leaves - Cause Uncertain

Today makes it week 3 since this plant began to sprout out of the soil, it’s been about only half a week or so since i started to notice this discoloration and only until very recently did I start to notice the yellow/ burnt-looking tip.

Humidity is kept between 43-50%
Temperature is anywhere between 73-80 Degrees Fahrenheit
LED Grow Light is 26-28" above the plant’s canopy (a bit high I know, but it provides sufficient micromoles per second at 40% power)
Watering - until I feel the soil dry or slightly damp when first finger-knuckle deep (1-3 days)


  • Vivosun 3’x4’ Grow Tent
  • Spider Farmer SF4000 LED Grow Light
  • Humidifier
  • 3 Fans (1 Oscillating, 0 are pointed directly at plants)
  • 1 Intake/Exhaust Fan with Carbon Filter and proper Ducting
  • Vivosun 1.85G Water Sprayer
  • Distilled Water (pH around 6.5-6.7)
  • FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil (PPM 775-925, pH 6.3-6.9)

Nothing I’d be to worried about, maybe the tiniest bit of nuteburn but not bad enough to do anything about it oh and when you ph that distilled water put a Lil cal mag in it so it has enough ppm to properly ph


Could be nothing, gonna have to wait and see…happy gardening


I don’t see anything to worry about either…