Green sneks guide to growing autos organically easily in coco

So I’ve been refining this technique since grow 1 that’s based very loosely on Canucks growing method . This works for about 95% of autos , sometimes certain grow patterns put out less foliage and that can get mild nute burn and nitrogen toxicity because of that. The methodologies thinking is that it takes 2-3 weeks for dry amendments to be broken down so you need to be amending for the next stage while keeping microbe density high with simple carbs.

Week 0 medium combining 5 gallon fabric pots 50% coco coir 20%compost(preferably mushroom ) 30% perlite 4 Tbsp down to earth 444 and 2 Tbsp bloodmeal
OR 90-100% coco with week 2s dose and probiotic additives

Week 2 10 Tb 444 4 Tb each of 484 and bloodmeal

Week 5 if no pistil clusters 5 Tbsp 484

Week 0 of flower 12 Tbsp 484

Week 2 of flower 12 Tbsp 484

Week 4 of flower if you dont have any browning pistils 8 Tbsp 484

Water amendments Ph always 6.0
OPTIONAL once a week 1 ml of mr fulvic and 3/4 dose of nectar for the gods sample pack minus the Zeus juice (also 1 tsp of epson salt )

Once a week 1/2 tablespoon molasses and 1/2 teaspoon Epsom salt dissolved in the water

Soak your seeds in 1/2 cup of water with 1.5 tsp hydrogen pyroxide for 24 hours in darkness then plant in your pots one finger nail deep (even if they don’t have tails) I usually have 2-3 backups in solo cups to transplant in case any fail. Make sure your mediums are half saturated to guide the tap root down to start off.

Dome the seeds until they sprout without helmet head ( then remove dome) spraying their base 3 times twice a day until they are 1 week old. Then get them on their watering schedule, I start them on 1/2 gallon of water every 3 days until the pots start getting light (around week 5 usually) then it’s every 2 days from then out and sometimes even more occasionally. Be sure to water from the top because you are massaging the dry amendments in at the top the water pushes it down.

Lights I usually use a 260 xl at 32 inches at 35-40%of the knob increasing it to 50% at end of week 1 increasing it by about 5%every 3 days from then out and usually they grow perfectly up into the light so I never have to move it up or down . Basically if your leaves are praying or stretching then they want more light.

I personally only defoliate bottom leaves that receive no light . I also try to bend over and lst any girls that grow less naturally wide.

Your done once 10-30% of your buds trichs are amber , once your sugar leaves start developing amber trichs your usually about 2-3 weeks away

Make sure you have an indoor oscillating fan and good ducting style exhaust fan preferably connected to a carbon filter because dry amendments STINK. A humidifier is also something I run 24/7 but shoot for these numbers




Looking good!


Appreciate it I couldn’t have done it without your guy’s help hel I almost gave up 1st grow when my zkittle never got bigger then 2 inches at week 3 lol ive come pretty far since then


I bet! Those autos can be tough little cookies sometimes. I’m not sure that I agree with all the recommendations for new growers. But you certainly seem to have them figured out, great job!


always speek up… the more opinions the merrier :wink:

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Love it! Looks good, I’ve watched ton of canucks stuff and love the quality he produces for sure. I’m gonna go for an organic dry amendments run eventually too. I like the way the plants uptake the dry amendments slowly with every watering. Can’t wait to see more developed flowers!


I might be speaking a little early but so far the crystal candy xl buds are gonna be incredible they’re already bigger then my thumbs and they’re only about a week old


Correct me if I’m wrong but, so you got 6 autos right? What size is your grow area just curious? (Sorry at work now so if you already mentioned this my bad can’t scroll back n read atm.)

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2.5 x 3.25 closet not even a full 3x3 lol but actually I have 5 in that closet , the g13 haze got really sick in her cup so I emergency transplanted her into some spare peat moss blend I had laying around , she didnt do anything for about 2-3 weeks but shes recovering fine under her own personal mars hydro


Oh heres another tip put your tallest girls near the edges to get a more balanced grow since your shorties need the higher concentration of ppfd near the center


Just felt the weight of the pots 12 hours before watering and they re lighter then expected even after splitting a full gallon extra between the five last watering so I’m upping them to .75 gallons every 2 days heres also some early bud pics next to a can for frame of reference 1st is mexican airline growing excellent cola tips and 2nd is crystal candy xl which is growing massive buds all the way down the cola

Weekly update pic I should’ve known with buds this gigantic they’d need more phosphorous so I’m increasing week 0 and 2 flower to 16 Tbsp each next grown

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Another weekly update still fighting a decent bit of phosphorous deficiency so I think these best thing will be to hit them early while in veg ro basically bank it in the coco so new changes

Week 4 16 tbsp 484
Week 6 20 tbsp 484
Week 8 if pure white buds 16 tbsp if brown is showing 8 tbsp 484
Week 10 the week 8 pure whites get 8 tbsp 484

Mexican airline looks like she ll be done by week 10ish at this rate

The tangerine dreams main cola is coming in nicely
The crystal candy xl is still amassing weight with the thickest pistils I’ve ever seen they’re nearly double of all the other pistils with 4+ monster colas


Another weekly update mexican airline is about to be finished her buds all have speckles of amber and im just waiting on 2 smaller buds to finish pistil darkening I bet she ll be done by Tuesday

Mexican airline had a couple of chillier nights that made some bud tips slightly purple
And the frosty gelato is starting to form really nice bud structure AND A LOT of them


Nice buds brother! For real love it! What size is that grow space?

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Like 2.75 x 3.5 feet basically a rectangular 3x3 I just set up my 4x4 tent with a hlg 300 L rspec that im gonna use for my next grow (along with the 260 xl) but I think I’ll only do 6 or 7 autos if they get this giant , fulvic acid is truly astounding

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Nice that’s amazing for that size grow area though haha you MAXED that out. What do you think you will pull off all of them added together? And that’s a nice set up your gonna run next. I was asking because I just set my 4x4 up and now my girl is ready to kill me it’s bigger than she imagined and she’s pissed so I might have to downgrade tent size a little and I’m just curious about yields. What sucks is I just spent a grand on the growers choice roi-e720 and it’s dimensions are for a 4x4 or bigger :sweat:. I’m trying to smooth it over with her haha we will see.

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Im easily gonna get at least 4 ounces from the frosty gelato and probably an average of 3-3.5 from the other 4 and that g13 in the mini closet with the Mars hydro I’d be lucky to get more then 1 cause shes so stunted from almost dying and the meh light. So pretty much a full pound +.