Green planet 3 part nutrients

Hi guys,
Can someone be assistance to a schedule with this nutrients? Should I feed the nutes each feed or a weekly amount?

I just looked them up. They have a boat load of products. So you may need to look up the schedule for the specific ones you are using. Unless there is someone on forum that’s using them sees this. You may want to use search feature on this forum and type in some keywords you are looking for, possibly someone may posted something about them.

Cheers bro!

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Wanted to add that your medium also will determine when to start nutes. If you are in amended and buffered soil for cannabis then that will affect whether you need to start nutrients. VS. Coco coir which you would start nutrients within a couple weeks of seedlings sprouting.

Yeah I used coco came premixed with perlite is there something I need to do to the coco before planting? I started nutes 7 days after sprouting