Green light to work in tent at lights off, good or bad idea?

Hello friends, I just wanted to create this topic because through my research I have seen that it is a heavily debated topic that using a green light to be able to work on your photo period plants at night could be a good or bad thing.

I just want to see what your experiences have been, i have seen a lot of people saying they have been doing it forever with no negative effects, and others say that its just a bad idea. The reason i ask is because with my grow i think I’m going to selectively harvest curtain plants/branches instead of doing a full cut down of them all at once . So it would be nice to be able to go in there just before lights on with a green light so I can see which colas I’m trying to harvest. That way I could at least give the ones I harvest now 12 hours of darkness before their chop.

You guys see what I’m getting at?

What do you all think?

Personally, for ease of mind, i would just wait til lights on? As long as you aren’t flowering the light cycle won’t affect things as much or if at all. I see folks running 24hr lights on, in early vegging state. It’s a personal choice i would think because as you already stated, there’s a PLETHORA of OPINIONS on the internet and deciphering which one is “accurate” is more headache over something like that, than i care to participate in. I’d just wait til my lights came on, do my thing, DONE :wink:

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I agree lights on I dim the lights while I’m working

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@TheVirginian @dirtydave yeah well I guess the reason for me is because I want to try out the dark cycle before harvesting anymore cause I have already harvested some with lights on , so I’m trying to see if I can see different effects with each method . My plants are flowering, they are in their 10th week so I bought a green led headlight and I’m think I’m gonna try it , I just wanted some first hand experience for some piece of mind I guess. Last thing I would want is for it to screw something up that far in just cause I wanted to do it this way lol

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Well they’re certainly yours to do with as you want and if you’re trying things out that’s all good too. I just answered because you inquired :slight_smile:

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Yes I appreciate the quick response, I have never done it before so I’m definitely nervous but when I give it a go I’ll let you guys know the outcome so you guys dont have to use your plants as another set of lab rats lol

But @TheVirginian as you can see in the photo that is why I need a light to find where I’m going, without one theres no way I could decipher what the hell I’m cutting lol .