Green light in drying room

I was about to buy one of those headlamp green lights but then I thought Duhh just paint a lightbulb green with acrylic paint and put that in your dry room my question is do you think thatll block enough of the other spectrum to keep the buds safe while I work on them

Light doesn’t really matter when you get to drying.


agree with above. have dried in the dark and light with no diffrence.

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Thanks guys hearing that makes me think I can dry in the same room as my grow closet which will save me a huge headache with trying to filter the smell even though theres a decent amount of light during the day

@GreenSnek not sure how good an idea it is but i seen a video of a guy making a drybox and he had 2 comp fans as an in and out and he threw a light bulb in the box so he could get some heat in there too. Like i said not sure as to how good an idea it is considering they do say that the light does bet on the trichs and degrade them some.

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Just got asked about harvesting in the dark, and I could not figure out why. Must be the same thing you guys are discussing. @UncleCharley

The green headlights are good to have when they are actively growing during flower to be able to work on them or fix a problem etc as that wavelength isn’t supposed to cause issues like white light can.

Heat and light causes degradation over time to harvested cannabis so when drying or storing them doing so in the dark is preferable. Also if drying where you are currently growing now you’ll want to consider the temperature and humidity. I wouldn’t want to dry my plants in an active grow tent (where other plants are still growing) because the temps would be too high and humidity too low and they would dry too fast and that can cause the smoke to be harsher. Long slow dry is recommended.

Hope this helps


I’ve had to dry a batch in my veg room for first 2 days… put above the light in a box. It’s not like my bud dried up caught fire and disintegrated… LoL

Will a green light hurt drying buds?

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Supposedly green light doesn’t degrade thc but unless you’re trying to create absolutely perfect buds the couple of minutes you use to check on them won’t do much(my daily use jar gets ton of light and is just as strong as when I jarred it 3 months ago)

Thanks snek. Have you grown photo periods and auto flowers before and if so what’s the size difference. Just did my first grow and I’m switching to auto flower and wanting to do at least 4 in a 4x4x6’8" or could i get 6 in that bad boy

Easily get 6 or 7 in there that’s 16 square feet and im growing 5 in roughly 10(though it’s getting tight because im getting pretty good at this) the size difference is in how well you do on your autos and how long you usually veg your photos but I typically get 3+ ounces per auto or 2 for runts that go off early heres 5 different strains at week 4.3 and half has just started to go into flower so they’ll still stretch even more