Green light in dark period

Hi guys, just a quick question regarding the green light in dark period theory, myth, fact or whatever they may be, I had to enter my tent today , 2nd week of flower, it was absolutely necessary if not I wouldn’t have had gone in, I had no choice, it’s in my garage and the garage itself is 99% light proof, I used a handheld 2W green led for probably five minutes all up while in and around the tent , will this Hermie her ? Any advice , links, or actual experience with this, without sounding rude , please spare me the uneducated opinions or beliefs , I came here because all the facebook grow pages just gave me contradicting opinions and the typical “bro science” debates on my posts by the facebook google grow gurus lol but from my experience you guys are awesome and provide research and experience based answers :smiley: much appreciated !

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I go into my flower room mostly when lights out , because my lights run from 6 pm to 6 am , so most of the stuff that I have to do , is done in the dark…
I use a green CFL bulb that is in the middle of the room and I’ve even accidentally left it on for 4 days straight with no issues…
I don’t think that the plants can see green light or use it to any beneficial degree…
I do it all the time and never have any issues and all’s I grow is photos… :wink::+1:


Do you have reflectent on the wall cause I used a green led and it shining off the wall created a blue spectrum and cause hermy

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