Green light during flower

Is there any truth in a green light turned on will not effect your girls during the12 hours of dark time

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Cannabis doesn’t absorb green light as readily as other wavelengths. It is safe to use greenlight for brief intervals, but don’t leave a green light on throughout the whole dark period.


Thank you good to know try and let them be during the dark time sometimes just cant be helped:sunglasses:

I went into my grow room at night to check for light leaks and thought I was at a disco. I forgot all the lights on the humidifier (green), one extension cord (red), another (green) and finally the air conditioner cord (blue). However no music was playing.
I taped up all the lights and the disco was closed down! HA!!


Thankfully there wasn’t any disco playing that might of upset your girls lol

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I will not disturb my girls’ rest with any light. If I put my girls in higher quality tents without any light leaking , I found my plants can grow better