Green june beetles

Just noticed these beetles on my plants. Does anyone have any advice on them? Thanks!

Assuming you’re not in flower , Neem oil after sunset as a foliar spray and mosquito bits sprinkled on the soil would be a good starting point.

Actually, they’re almost 3weeks into flowering.
I have 3 autos that are 7 weeks in. They’ve been outdoors since germination. This weekend is the first I’ve noticed the beetles.
We get them in our herb garden as well.

They chew up basil leaves pretty quick, so I’m a bit concerned.

I’d be concerned also. @Deez is an outdoor guy so maybe he can help out with them. What do you think @Deez

Looks like a Japanese beetle. Since you’re in flower I wouldn’t use Neem oil, you don’t want that all over your buds. Look into captain jacks dead bug (spinosad), safe in flower and might work on Beetles. Neem oil didn’t work for me anyway, only thing that worked for me was the beetle trap.

Japanese beetle traps work quite well, just make sure you place them far away from your plants. The Scented lure will attract the Beetles to that location and keep them away from your plant.


I’ll give it a try, thanks!

I agree looks like Japanese beetles


Dude, that’s a Japanese Beatle not a June bug. Those things will eat everything. Best way to get rid of them is to pick them off and squish them.

Looks like @Dave101 has you covered. I’d follow his advice.