Green house or not

Hello everyone I’m nearing the mid point of the large harvest I started in June and I’ve been seeing a lot of growers use green houses This is my first project ever so id like to know benefits to using a green house rather than just having the plants completely exposed


Holy marijuana trees @Alexgrowz Those are pretty impressive plants you have there. I don’t have a greenhouse so can’t answer your questions but wanted to say…Wow!


@AnneBonny thank you ever since my partner bailed on me I’ve been trying everything I can to get the best results :pray: :relieved:


greenhouses are for extending the grow season you look like your in a hot and dry climate you would run in to all types of over heating problems. you could use one to start the plants off earlier than could plant them outside. those plant look great.

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Thanks :pray:… Yeah your right it’s really hot I keep the soil wet through out the day … do have any recommendations on what nutrients to use before they flower ?

a bloom fert. is like n15 p5 k30, but you can use potash to help the flowering. if you can find barkmulch and trim some scrub brush and cover the sides of the pots it will help reduce the solar heating of the root zone help with retaining moisture.

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This is what I’m using now the N is higher than the rest

there is a product from fox farm called open sesamie that forces a plant to flower earlier if you look it up you can probably find some thing in youe area. being solo you might want to do half your plants, and the other half regular nutes. that might give your an easier time watching the tricomes for the perfect harvesting time

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Look this is what I’ve been using for flowering

you have the right nutes, just use the right amount or slightly less to stay safe.