Green House I could use a lil direction for lighting


Updated support ticket:

ILGM Autos
2-Northern Lights

Soil in burlap bottom half is a subcool supersoil recipe
Top half is ff happy frog on bb#1-bb#2-nl#1
On bb#3 and nl#2 is just straight ff happy frog
(bb#2 and nl#3 were just in case because I fimmed and was pretty aggressive with lst on bb#1 and some lst on nl#1 and wasn’t sure about the outcome)

Hand watering from tap
Only nutes were a real good fish emulsion after fimm and lst
Have not ph’d on my water and haven’t tested run off
Only ph tested my soil at the start and ph was about 6.5-6.7
Las Vegas sun
Fan in green house
75-115f - day / 16-30% humidity
f - nite / 30-50% humidity
See my grow journal too in outdoor entitled
First Grow Greenhouse Outdoor
The days here in vegas are getting short and I wanted some direction on supplementing light as I am only getting 7-8 hours tops and would like to give the girls at least 12 hrs or more if it is suggested
Any help would be awsome and originally posted this in indoor but after reading the guidelines I may have misposted this.
Thanks again


Well , wish I would have gotten a lil help here not sure if I need to invite people
or what
But this is what I did

I have 8-100 watt 6500*k
Built the fixture for about 40-50 bucks
Was super fun and easy to build
I discovered a local grow shop right down the street from me and how awsome they are down there
Anyway the guy has some used HPS set ups for under 200 bucks
I want to go that way once I can
Health sucks and missed loads of work so built the cheepo cfl fixture to see if it works for light supplementation

Question now is how close to the flowers do I need to be and should I mix in and alternate some 2500*k bulds too?
Anythoughts @1BigFella @garrigan65 @bob31
What do you guys think
Just forgot that I can tag people


I read all of the new posts and I don’t recall seeing this one.

@dbrn32 has the lights pretty figured out and I want you to have some help you. I’m recovering from 2 days of working my @$$ off and I just took my meds… I will check back later or tag me in responses and i will come back around. :v::palm_tree:


Sorry, I don’t remember seeing original post either. But I’ll be happy to try and help you out.

First of all, I’m thinking you can get a new hid setup from amazon around the $200 mark. You’d probably want new bulbs anyway, so even if it was a little more would be easily justified.

I dig the light! From picture looks like you’re using it about how I would. You’re purpose right now is to keep them in vegetative state correct? If so, the 6500k will be fine. If you switch them to flowering, then you would want to swap or add the warm whites. As for now, warm whites will cause them to stretch in veg stage so I wouldn’t add any.

Are they 100 watt equivalent, or 100 watt actual draw? If they are 100 watt equivalent those are usually about 23 watts actuall and can usually be run as low as a few inches above canopy. From the looks of it, I’m not sure that would give you a large enough footprint to cover the lights. If you have to go more than 10-12 inches you may have to add a few more bulbs. But I think you’ll be ok.

As with everything else, just keep an eye on the plants. If they start to stretch lower the fixture some. Try to make use of the sun as much as possible too, the cfls don’t provide a lot of intensity.


I think you might lose more sunlight in the shade from your fixture than you get from the CFLs. You can probably just eyeball it around noon. Look at the edge of the fixture shadow where it falls on a sheet of white paper at plant level. If the sunlight part is brighter than the CFL-lit part, then you are missing some free light. You could move your CFLs so they don’t block out the sun, like off to the North side (assuming you are in the Northern hemisphere).

I get that the CFLs are there just to make the photoperiod long to keep them in veg. I don’t think it takes much light to do that. But you are going to have a real problem flowering normal plants in summertime. You can’t block out light and you need 12/12 to flower. If you just grow autos in the summer then you are fine.

I also think you are going to have a real serious height problem. From the photo, it looks like you will run out of vertical when you try to flower, unless you are using a VERY short strain. My Northern Lights plant slightly more than doubled in height during flowering phase, which worked out perfectly because I could raise my HPS light just enough. Most strains double, some triple!


Thanks so much man I appreciate your time!!
I am only using them for supplemental lighting. 3 are flowering already so I mixed in some 2700k bulbs
But check this out man

I work in a hotel in Vegas and the vender we use for lighting , I seen him at work with some general grow lighting questions and a couple weeks later(today) he calls me and says to swing by his shop and he hooked me up with this
I think you can get them at amazon for 60-80 bucks
Galaxyhydro 300
Anyway pretty cool free bee
So put my seedlings under the led and using the 6500k and 2700k cfls on the other three
I am super psyched cuz with this stuff I think I am set for supplemental lighting for the rest of this grow
And thank you so much again


I am supplementing lighting at nite time and the light fixture is on a pully system so I raise it up to the cieling and it does not block any sun light I looked at that before I built the fixture thanks for lookin out bigfella I appreciate all of your advice and pointers


Right on bob I should have tagged you guys forgot I could do that eerf aderrf
And thanks you so much again always sooo appreciated


I only had it posted in indoor for a short time cuz after reviewing guidelines I thought I had mis posted it
But to all you guys thanks again got more updates to come in the grow journal.


So hows your security? I’m guessing it’s legal to grow a few plants in Nevada, since smoking is legal. But even so, is your greenhouse lit up like Fremont Street visible to all sorts of neighbors, some of whom may come over to help themselves when you are gone? (Or even worse, when you are there!) The first principle to growing weed is to tell nobody, even if it’s legal.


No problem! The cfls should do what you need if you’re just looking to extend the amount of time they’re under light.

I’ll be in Vegas a week and a half from now haha…


Very cool man have a blast while you are here and be safe


I know dude it is like a lazer show back here.
I am not oblivious to the fact that there are some real scummy people out there but hopefully I do not have any issues. I cannot grow anywhere else and the way my house is positioned and the elevation among other things my back yard is surprisingly hidden from view. Even with it lit up back here I could not see it from my nieghbors house a few houses down. None of my neighbors know I am growing
And I am growing other stuff back there including so bougenvia to plant around the perimeter of my brick wall for added privacy/security and not to mention my 5 dogs. I appreciate the concern you have for your fellow growers man
I am licensed medical and can have 12
But that would be too nuts for me
I have the platinum pack comin so first photo grow
Not gonna need to supplement light in summer time but gonna use this lil led to crank out my speed up my seedlings before they go out side super excited


@bob31 rest well my friend and thanks for the help man


Security drone 1 & 2

Had them out in cold creek north of vegas and he kept takin off after the wild mustangs up there not the first time with the horses and this guy. We went out to Overton north east of vegas to put around on this lil xt 250 I bought for my wife and he almost got one out there
Scary thing is I think he could have taken it. Never seen a tougher dog. I got stories about this idiot! .
He got grounded to the van because he wouldn’t stop tryin to tackle the horses.
Dog has some screws loose so if “thug life” wants to try and make a go for my weed fine🙂
You have to look close you can see him starin down the horses from the van
I “rescued” him from a house full of “hypes” if ya know what I mean It was sad the way they treated this guy
But more loyal than most people he is down for the family for sure


The lil black one is 70 lbs now and much taller that was a few years back


Among others, I’ve got a big German Shepard stray we rescued and her son. He’s half mastiff I think: You could throw a saddle on him and ride, he’s so huge. The people from the farm we went to rescue them said they were chasing neighborhood horses and would be shot soon. Our parcel is all fenced and we have no other livestock besides dogs.

The point being that my grow area is not visible from any neighboring property. Just need to keep it locked and it’s legal. Dogs and fences just keep people honest.


I agree with that I seen people cross the street when they see me and him walkin down their way , awesome you rescued em very cool man


We’re big on rescues. Wife is a retired Vet and they pick up rescues and strays like nobody else. Five out of six are rescues. We even have two little lap dogs from my stepmom dying and their new home in the will fell through. Ordinarily, this would not be the neighborhood for lil bitty dogs because the coyotes are fierce around here, but the big dogs protect them.


Very cool
I gotta a couple lil guys too but they hold their own with the biggins.