Green house grow

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New to the site; planning to set up a hoop tunnel in the spring (Massachusetts) for my first grow and was wonder what is a better choice to cover… Greenhouse Film 4 years 6 mil clear sheeting or Sun Selector 60% Diffused IRAD Greenhouse Film, 4yr 6mil. price difference is less than $20 for the latter.

Also, my short list (will pick two to grow) is Purple Haze or White Widow and Granddaddy Purple or Northern Lights. Any thoughts… two others, Blue Cheese and Blue Haze but maybe for another time with more growing experience. Thanks for any input.

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I can’t help much with greenhouse stuff, but I’ve heard @latewood discuss hoop houses before.

Hoop house, yes, that’s what I am going to build. Well, trying to put a good plan together for first grow with some control over the elements.

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Also, will grow in smart pots - 20 gallon. Going to use Coast of Maine - Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix for half of the grow and use FoxFarm - Ocean Forest® Potting Soil for the other half (looks like a popular choice). Decided on Northern Lights and Purple Haze.

I just planted 60 garlic cloves for next years harvest, Chesnok Red, German Red, Music, and XIAN… all hardneck.

Go by who has the best rating. If I remember correctly 6 is s good one. My memory is bad.

From all those strains the easiest would be White Widow and Northern Lights.

Thanks MrPeat, I might swap out Purple Haze for White Widow, they are similar. Not sure, but I have a little time to decide.

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@TheShortAnswer How big will your green house be? Eczyse if it’s big enough you grow 1 of each strains you have.

Thinking 10’ x 12’ about 8.5’ - 9’ high.

If anyone one is interested about the Coast of Maine products here is the link to Stonington growers blend…