Green Gelato (Thin Mint Cookies X Sunset Sherbet)

Green Gelato

My second Grow using a different variety of seeds namely Green Gelato from RQS and a new grow medium as I have attempted to go with a Super soil mix these are the two big differences in this grow. Using a base soil and super soil with what I could source locally from a concoction of the many other reference sources and peoples input. With a minor tweak in the topping and trimming of these plants starting with the 3rd node.

Year old Green Gelato, 5 seeds from RQS.

Viparspectra 600 watt LED’s X 2

Plywood Grow box 4X6 feet with Mylar walls inside kept in an outdoor building which has no heat but stays above freezing all year and that is a feat in its self as this is the Canadian Prairies.

Temp and Humidity controllers by Inkbird?

Exhaust fan 6 in vivosun 390 cfm used for heat control vented to the outside through the roof using an old chimney stack.

Two small dehumidifiers units they worked last grow but honestly they don’t take up a lot of water but humidity appears not to be a big issue anyways.

Small heater with built in fan to stabilize the temp at 22C.


March 9, 2019-1300 – 0700 Five seeds to water to soak 18 hours. I not confident in these seeds as none sank in the water right off the bat, one appears light in color. Temp 22 C maintained by radiant heater and seeds kept dark in a cardboard box.

March 10, 0700- Seeds put between paper towels.

March 11, 3 of the 5 have sprouted so far will transplant in 1-2 days.

March 12, 4 of the 5 have cracked open all 5 planted in miracle grow potting soil (I didn’t have the base soil ready yet) in small plastic pots. Heater on @ 22 C with RH approx. 40%.

March 14, First seed through the potting soil. Lights set at 18/6 hours and LED about 30 in. above seedlings.

March 15, Three seeds through the potting soil.

March 18, Fourth seed popped out no fifth plant

March 20, plants appear healthy however they also look somewhat spindly.

March 28, transplanted to one gallon pots using base soil (pro mix, compost, perlite, EWC and top soil). Leaves on this variety as compared to last variety (Green Crack) are larger and plants appear to be growing vertically faster with more space between internodes, looks heathy. Sorry for the poor pics and lighting.

March 28, Base Soil mix as follows:

10 gallons HP potting mix peat base with Mycorrhizae

10 gallons commercial top soil

3 gallons Commercial Compost

7 liters worm castings

Approx. 15 % Perlite added

Ingredient’s of Super Soil just add to the prior Base soil the following:

2nd batch of Base soil as above with the addition of:

Additional 7 liters Worm Castings

Blood Meal 10 ounces

Bone Meal 10 ounces

Rock Phosphate 10 ounces

Epson Salt 2 table spoons

Dolomite Lime 2 table spoons

Azomite 1 table spoon

Humic Acid 1 table spoon

Kelp ½ cup

Perlite 15-20% of volume

Mycorrhizae 1 table spoon

Ground Oyster shell ½ cup

Add water as I layer ingredients

Let cook for 30 days + in tight bag

Use in bottom 1/3-1/2 planter top off with 2/3 basic soil

April 4th. Plants continue increased vertical growth over last grow (Green Crack) also the leaves are much larger and we are at the 5th set of true leaves. Three of the four plants have Indica type leaves and one has Sativa like leaves. I seen similar differences in leaf structure in the last grow.

April 5th. Started to Manifold (Nebula) the first and tallest plant. Cut at the 3rd internode of true the leaves and cleaned off all other leaves below the node and just left the third node and its fan leaf and side shout. Will do the other three plants as they get to the 6th node.

First plant before first topping and after.

April 6th Second tallest plant trimmed.

April 7th third and fourth plant trimmed.


6 days after topping.

Man I’m growing super skunk autos and mine are about 20 days old and have barely even moved it seems . Wow is all I can say. Thanks for the soil recipe though . I have some seeds coming in this Saturday so I will be trying your method and see if I can get some similar results . Is it neccessary to let the soil cook that long or can I use it faster or would it burn the seedlings up ?

You’re stressing them too much. I top and train my autos but they won’t take mainline

They can’t be autos. There’s no way in my opinion that you can manifold an auto!!

All the info I have states you let the soil cook from 30-60 days I believe so as to break down some of the nutrients and get the microbes feeding. My super soil is still cooking and will be used at the end of the month. These plants have been transplanted into the base soil I mentioned. I have never used these soil recipes in the past my self so it is a total unknown as to what will happen or if it will work. I just got tired of flushing plants because of Nutritional lock out and poor PH in the last grow which I am trying to correct with his grow…These are Feminized seeds not Autos and they seem to have taken well to the Manifolding so far…

Top dressed all 4 plants with 1 table spoon of Blood meal and 1 table spoon of Kelp meal each and watered with 2 cups of 6.4 PH water…

April 17th Second topping as to Manifolding(Nebula) I left the first node intact, cut the second node out and toped at the third node. Before and after pic’s.
I toped/Manifolded the two largest plants and will leave them at 8 bud sites as far as topping goes now, and plan to top Maifold the two smaller plants to 16 bud sites to see if there is any noticeable difference in production. The two smaller plants are a couple of days behind as far as growth goes.


April 25th. Put supper soil and base soil mixes into 60 liter planter tubs to be used in the transplanting in a couple of days. Quantities of prepared soils was just about right with a little left over base soil. Used 1/3 supper soil and 2/3 base soil mixes in tubs. Pics to follow in a couple of days…

April 26th. Top dressing applied about ÂĽ cup per plant and then watered again PH 6.38. I am a little hesitant in the top dressing as I used it on my Hungarian Hot peppers about a week ago and their leaves turned yellowish but appear to be doing fine. This top dressing may be a little hot I plan on using it sparingly as a note in the past my peppers have been sensitive to added nutrients though that was chemical fertilizers.

April 30th. Fish and Kelp soluble fertilizer(2 - 5-1) 30 ml. added to 2 gallons of water and used about 2 cups/plant applied with PH 6.5. The left over went to my Petunias.

I am trying to decide if I want to top one more time the 2 smallest plants which would give them 16 bud sites or leave them at the 8 bud sights. If I do it will be just before transplanting into the large 50 liter tubs. I also plan on putting all four outside once the weather allows for it in about 2 weeks and see if it makes a difference in the plants general vitality (all 4 plants are approx same size and look health). Also then I will plan on bringing in 2 plants and flower them under the lights once they reach about 20-24 in. in height. The other 2 I will bring in later in Sept to flower. These differences in production are to see if there is any significant difference in quality, volume and saving on the power. Pics to follow in about a week. That’s the plan I will see in a few more months what actually happens.

May 4th. Pants given a cup or two of water today as they seem to be drinking a lot lately and is time to transplant by next weekend into their forever homes. The top left plant had some lower fan leaves removed . Also I plan on topping #3 #4 plants one more time to have 16 bud sights in the final structure. I will start to thin out leaves also.



April 7th. Plans to top the #3-4 plant as to get 16 bud sites started. Toped one plant so as there are 16 bud sights and the second plant about half the plant was toped as the plant had not produced enough nodes yet on some of the plant branches so about 4-5 bud site need trimming later.

April 8th. Trimmed a few fan leaves off #1 and 2 plants. Transplanted all plants to tubs, given 1/3 cup top dressing each and watered 1 gallon each with a PH 6.7. Plants were dryish and rooted very well. Lowered lights to about 24 in above plants and secured all limbs so as to have a flat canopy. Circulating fan put on low both dehumidifiers put in box as well as heater. Keeping my fingers crossed this will work as far as the nutritional requirements go with the supper soil mix.

Sorry for poor quality pic. They are now in their tubs now…

May 8th. Trimmed a few fan leaves off #1 and 2 plants. Transplanted all plants to tubs, given 1/3 cup top dressing each and watered 1 gallon each with a PH 6.7. Plants were dryish and rooted very well. Lowered lights to about 24 in above plants and secured all limbs so as to have a flat canopy. Circulating fan put on low both dehumidifiers put in box as well as heater. Keeping my fingers crossed this will work as far as the nutritional requirements go with the supper soil mix.

May 9th. Plant problem:

#1 plant has some yellowing in the buds so I sprayed Cal/Mg 2ml./1.5 liters as a foliar spray. Lights moved to 24 in. as they were 2-4 inches closer also the signs of yellowing maybe from stress of trimming and topping.

May 10th. Plants continue to look yellowish in the new growth and sprayed Ca/Mg again which has Chelated Iron as well in it.……

May 12th. Purchased chelated iron on the weekend when I was out of town to apply to plants. On my arrival home after 3 days the plants had lost their yellow and seem to be all greening up. So no Chelated iron given, less stress on the plants and me.

May 13th. Topped the last plant to 16 main bud sites and will in a week trim up leaves on plants # 1 and 2. Last dose of Ca/Mg with Iron sprayed on Foliage. Plants look like they have taken well to new tubs and starting to grow quickly.

May 14th. **Watered plants one gallon each, PH 6.6 and then added composted tea 1 gallon diluted 1:1 composted tea (recipe 4 gallons water 2 cups worm castings and ½ cup Molasses then after 4 days diluted 1:1 with water). Will see what happens with plants now as I hope I am not over doing it in attempting to get some real veg growth going prior to doing some defoliating.

What kinda light are you going to use for flower

Viparspectra 600W (2 of them). Seemed to work OK last time but would like to add one more but I don’t think I can’t justify the extra cost.

I might add that my grow area is 4X6 feet by 8 feet high. So you subtract 18 in. for the plant tubs and 36 in. for the hanging lights and I get just under 4 feet for the plant growth. I never reached that height last time but hopefully we will get close this time.

I was wondering because I used to use those LEDs. Penatration sucks. You should tie those branches sideways. Do some major lst on them