Green droopy leaves

Hi my plants are 2 weeks 3 days old they been fine as of now but now have green droopy leaves some drying out leaves been waiting for cup to get light to water temp been 70-85 hum 45-60 have not feed them. Will be transplanting today thinking its root bound roots been showing bottom of cup since past 2 days been waiting on my new lights and grow room

They look really wet. How often do you water?

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Once every two days

I would let them dry out a bit longer. They aren’t very big and look overwatered to me. A good way to tell is by picking them up after you water and see how heavy they are. Then when they are extremely light you will know they are ready for more water. You can also stick your finger in the dirt about an inch and see if its dry. What do you guys think? @Enlightened420 @repins12


Thanks going to let them dry out a bit more ya they aren’t too big have them in a grow tote with an led light had them up close was worried about stretching but they turned out too small have them more away from the light

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I noticed when in the cups they hold moisture a lot longer because it happened to me as well when I first started using coco coir.

I agree with Noc, let them dry out more in between watering.

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Look wet and needing to be up potted to me :v:

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