Green dragon tincture

From a fellow grower: Could I get an opinion on Green Dragon tincture? There’s 190 proof alcohol in each dose? Does the alcohol lose strength?


Never heard of green dragon tincture. Regular tincture, at least in my limited experience, the alcohol does not lose it’s strength.

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The alcohol won’t lose its strength. At the same time though, what I’ve ever seen in print says at minimum one dropper full should be considered a “dose” so it’s not like you’d get a drunk from the alcohol.

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I’ve been making “green dragon” tincture for my friends that grow for about 5 years. If you’re worried about consuming the alcohol, it can be cooked off to some degree if you cook with it. My buddy puts the tincture in his boiling water when making tea. He’s a recovering alcoholic and doesn’t want to taste the booze. I guess it works for him.

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I’ve done several Green Dragon Tinctures. The alcohol is still there. It does burn if you do 1/2 dropper straight under tongue. Mix with a little warm drink (coffee/tea) and swish around a bit before swallowing. My longest was a second wash of 7 months. Pretty potent.