Green Crack won't germinate

I have my seeds in a humidity dome 80/85 deg and humidity 70/80%. I’ve never had an issue with germination but these Green Crack I’m 0-4. I had 2 soaking for 6 days still very hard in texture. Now I have them in a wet paper towel still in dome. I dropped 2 more, been soaking for 2 days. Any suggestion? Yes I’ve read all of ILGM germination guides.

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Are they ilgm seeds? If so I’d call customer service.

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Yup all ILGM seeds


Weird, never had that issue, but as ran said I would be calling customer service.


@BG I Had 3 White Widow fem that just wouldn’t crack . ILGM had replacements to me within the week.

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Yea its weird but their still hard. Usually they soften up so I’m not giving up on them yet. But I’m going on 8 days on 2 of them

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this is my white widow


I wouldn’t give up either lol. Good luck and keep me posted.

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Soaking them in what?

I too have had issues with seeds not sprouting especially autos as, I have never grown them before. I think that I am getting a handle on it finally. As @elheffe702 said, soaking them in what? Even the ones that I have not been able to sprout always cracked and started tails within 48 hrs. I have never soaked them longer than that and I have seeds from multiple different seed banks. I usually use shot glasses and make a cup of water with a few drops, maybe a half to a full cap of hydrogen peroxide stir, put in shot glasses and then drop seed into shot glass


In water, that’s all I ever used never had an issue


Me too brother. I have always grown outdoors, kinda guerilla style. With these new fangled seeds/ strains/ autos. The norm seems to be 1 shot glass per seed. Take a mid sized drink cup fill it with water, 8-10 oz. Add 1/2 preferably 1 capful of Hydrogen Peroxide. I stir with my finger (you could use whatever you want). Pour solution in shot glasses, drop seed, 24=48 hrs. seed has cracked and sprouted a tail, put in seedling soil in solo cup, with an inverted clear one as a dome on top. I have got one seed ordered from Spain, that, I am still trying to get it to show it’s face, 3rd attempt, got 2 more left. Don’t think that I will order them again. I hope that everyone has a motherfriggingreatweekend :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:


I’ll try that with the hydrogen peroxide thanks

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I wished my week would pick up. I need to sell fireworks so I can buy you guessed it…more seeds.

I had planted two beans on my current crop. They didn’t want to sprout for whatever the reason was so I said screw it and placed them in soil anyways. When I changed my Viparspectra PAR600 lights for my HLG ones, I think it was a week when all 5 seeds decided to sprout at different times.

I broke a bean stalk rotating my one buckets. So I have 4 little delinquent girls gone wild in my tent.


Good morning @MrPeat, mine are still in the solo cups as well. I don’t think that I will get that lucky. Mine sprouted tails in the shot glass but never broke ground. They are the same strain from the same seed bank in Spain. When I was rooting around to re-fluff the soil from the first one to re-use the soil, I found the seed and it had a tail that had turned brown but everything was in tact still. I put it in a shot glass with the other new ones that I was starting and it appeared to start growing again, tail turned back white and appeared to gain length. Put the new one that cracked and started to grow a tail and the old one in separate solo cups. Nothing again. These are all autos and I have never grown an auto before. The first go around, I also had 2 that would not shed seed shell. I tried everything that everyone suggested. I was able to get the shell off of 1, it looked good for a couple of days and then croaked. The other I moistened the shell 2-3 times a day and it too croaked. The second go around I used domes for the first time in my life with these plants and those 2 strains are in pots now. The other strain has yet to break ground. I am using Fox Farms Light Warrior for seedlings. I just recently put 3 of the HLG QB 260 XL’s in my tent and so far I love em. I hope that the sales pick up brother. Have a great day :v:

I bought some ILGM Amnesia Haze autos and 6 out of 10 didn’t do anything. Soaked for 24-48 hrs in ph"d water and nothing. ILGM did replace them still not happy they did nothing. I’ll be dropping more in a week or 2

@repins12 I have thrown seeds away one time. The tap root turned browned and figured it was dead. I never worried as I have enough seeds to last probably 100 different growers at the same time.

I collect seeds like guys look at porn. My porn is marijuana seeds. I’ve smoked so many strains in search for what I want to make life bearable.

Like right now I feel like someone shanked me in my left rib and I have no choice to ride it out since I can’t smoke while doing the Firework Stand nor beer or my Single Malts. I rarely drink because I’d rather have one good drink every 3 to 6 months.

I sure wished I could give ya some seeds as all mine are a success rate well over 95%. One from the brown tap root and I’ve killed sprouts from rotating or dropping something on them in the grow buckets. I don’t have full control of my hands.

I hope you have a blessed day and may you have fruitful harvests. What we all want. :+1:

I did pop in to see my girls. I should have tossed the Toilet Bowl seeds. I just said screw it and try. I need to replace my soil since it’s over 1 1/2 years old.


Believe me brother, I know about those physical ailments, got quite a few myself. I’m getting just as bad about the seeds myself, fixing to place 2 more orders or maybe 3. I have to be up at least an hour before I have to leave for work, just to get moving so, I can make it through the day. I never had a problem with seeds growing until I tried these autos. 2 wouldn’t shed the shell and 1 didn’t grow outta the first 5. 2 outta the second 3 are in pots now and the same strain as the first time is a no show. I still have them both in solo cups with domes over them. The one that I jumped the gun on before I got my tent set up, I put in a shot glass of regular water, when it sprouted a tail I put it right into the pot that it’s still in, with the cheap ass Wally World potting soil and fed miracle grow 2/3 of it’s life. Go figure. WTF
Have you ever heard of this strain? Greybeard Private Reserve – German Duck Feminised Seeds.
Frisian Dew x DucksFoot
German Duck grows with unusually shaped leaves making it difficult to identify as traditional cannabis and ideal for outdoor and greenhouse growing in populated areas. The name refers to the distinctive leaf shape which looks like a ducks footprint especially during the first two thirds of her life. During bloom some upper leaves may show the more traditional cannabis shape. German Duck comes from crossing Frisian Dew with DucksFoot. This unique, robust, stealthy variety is ready to harvest at the start of October (start of April in Southern Hemisphere). She can show beautiful purple colours during flowering and grows like a Christmas tree, outdoors up to 2.5 meters, indoors up to 1.5 meters. German Duck produces compact buds with spicy aromas of pine, citrus and fresh forest. The taste is similar with refreshing Sativa head-buzz and heavy yields. She was created for outdoor growing but also does well indoors. German Duck is a unique cannabis plant in disguise; tough and easy to grow, perfect for less experienced growers. FGerman Duck grows without being recognisable as cannabis for large parts of its life.
I am thinking about getting some of these for my outdoor grow in the spring

Imo leaving them in water for 8 days may be too long. I’m not sure, because I’ve never done it. I always figured that 24 hours was it regardless of it cracking or not.

If you’re in paper towel, make sure its damp but not soaked, like wring out all the moisture. Then put in ziplock bag with air trapped inside, and place somewhere warm like on top of cable box.

@repins12 Nah I have never heard of it. I still couldn’t grow it outside. We don’t get a real winter so we have mosquitos and flies all year long. No break. Fleas all year round. Gnats and every insect you can think of. Plus add is a couple snakes that are pretty poisonous. They like to hide in bushes, plants and wood piles.

Then add in temps hitting well past 125 degrees with up to 100% humidity. It would be a nightmare and I get more than enough stress from the VA Hospital. :joy:

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