Green Crack Opinions?

I’ve got some smoke I pulled out which was said to be green crack. It is supposed to be indica dominant but it feels much like a sativa daytime smoke now that I’ve hit it again.

I’m thinking I need to grow some. What say you about green crack?

Use to be called Cush til Snoop Dogg renamed it to Green Crack for it’s sativa-like effects. Won 3rd place for Best Sativa at the Denver High Times Cup 2015.

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ILGM list it as a 50/50 hybrid. What I grew recently definitely has sativa effect.

Someone once told me it’s not available from seeds and only clones, which are hard to get outside of West Oast states. I could be getting it mixed up with something else Snoop related.

I grow a ton of Green Crack. I get my seeds from The Cali Connection. It is a 65% Sativa hybrid, and is highly energetic. This is the type of thing that will have you vacuuming the house for 2 hours.


With results of green crack it sounds amazing! Anyone know about Sour Diesel? It’s 60 Sativa 40 indica.

A lot of strains hit me like a freight train, which I like for my nighttime smoke. Someone gave it to me and I put it away for 6 months. Pulled it back out yesterday and it was great. I didn’t do any vacuuming, but I did get a spike of energy. lol.


Green crack in the morning ! It is easy to grow too. 20191111_152327|294x500


@MidwestGuy did you grow some?
Cali connect or Humboldt seeds or growers choice seem to be all top contenders and I’m not sure which to do
I want the energy from it for my dad

I didn’t grow any, but a Nephew of mine gave me a zip of green crack. I really liked it.

Sorry I can’t help more with good genetics. I hope you find great seeds.

Pretty hard to decide…
Been googling for a long time and seems to be no clear verdict on who I should go with.
Cali connect, Humboldt, growers choice, blimburn are top contenders but there are others to.

I’ve always heard that Humboldt has good genetics, but that is not based on experience, just stuff I’ve heard.

I wish I knew more about the stuff I was given, but it was just street weed, which can be questionable. I’d still put what I was given in my top 5 favorite strains.

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Hso and Cali are my top choices
Some claik Cali more true and hso some say is better very mixed opinions

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I’m with you. Top shelf genetics are elusive.

It’s pretty rare that any of us are willing to say that a strain is in within our top 5.

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I got an unknown Bruce banner #3 smoke from my old Bo’s he has it still but unknown origins
Most euphoria I’ve ever felt

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I grew a Blue Mystic last year. It’s my all-time favorite so far. I still have seeds and need to grow more. I’ve smoked all I grew.

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