Green Crack growers

Hello all! Just wanting to reach out to those of you growing or have grown the green crack. Or anyone with knowledge of the strain.

So the website lists green crack as indica dominant, but describes a heavy sativa leaning buzz. I have grown green crack from a different breeder in the past, and sourced others for smoke. All have had sativa like features. Leafly lists an indica version of green crack though. So I’m wondering if anyone can weigh in on what to expect from the ilgm seeds? Is it exactly as website lists, or is there an error in the listing?

@SmoknGranny and I were discussing this in a different thread. Sounds like she is curious as well. Thanks everyone!

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I too have another breeders gc and if it’s sativa dominant as you said

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I have a more indica hybrid and a close to 50/50 strain I’m already pretty happy with, but I’ll be in the hunt for a new sativa at some point. Have had good luck with the gc in past, I’m just a little skeptical of this one.

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