Green Crack grow: (Seeds I won in june BOM contest)


You are just a growing machine aren’t you


All out of :heart:’s again…
Looks awesome!


I find great pleasure in growing a high grade cannabis which I give out to friends and family. I started out looking at just growing for myself after spending tons of money buying it for 45 yearsl. Once I started giving it out to friends and family I had to expand and expand again. What makes me feel good is when people say it really helps them out and you know they’re serious. I currently have about 15 two ounce bottles of Tinture to hand out and of course brownies and some cannabutter. So to answer your question, @Hogmaster Yes I’m a growing machine but not because I love it because I have to. lol


Thanks @70sChick I really appreciate it.


You are very welcome @ntmaremach


Here’s a picture taken today of the girls. I’m just starting to see the roots coming through the bottom of the pots.


man you and your ebb and flow system is kicking butt @ntmaremach
any particular brand name that you are using? pictures of your set-up,if you don’t mind sir!


Awesome job!


@BIGE The system is Hydrofarm Grow Flow. I have two systems but with 12 pots total not 24. One for Veg and one for flowering. I absolutely love the setup and have the controller feeding five times a day for a half hour of flooding in veg and will reduce it to three or four times a day in flower.
Here’s the controller

The 55 gal. drum

Here’s what a setup with 12 pots looks like


So couple questions.
Is it more of a flow and grow system where the solution routed to the plant does not flow to waste but gets consumed by the plant/bucket?

I use the autopot system which seems like the poor man’s version of this system. Autopots are gravity fed from a central res and have a valve that starts and stops the solution providing very short “dry” periods several times daily. I also have “air domes” in the bottom of the pots with 20L/minute pumped in when lights are on.

Great system and one I looked at before settling where I am now. @ntmaremach


This plants look great. Short and dense so far! They like what they’re getting.


It’s a flood and drain system. The main controller fills up and at the same time all the pots fill up to the same level. I have them flood for half an hour and then it gets pumped back into the drum. This system has a pump in the drum and one in the controller. I don’t have air in each pot. In this system I have air stones in the drum. What I’ve found out is once the plants are done veg. and are put into the flowering room I use fresh lower pots. Roots develop in the drain of the pots going into the hose and if I didn’t start flowering with fresh lower pots I might have a jam up with roots requiring me to take the hoses apart.


Here’s an update on the two Gold Leaf plants I’ve been harvesting. After letting them dry I ended up with about 30 ounces I put into jars. This is more than I thought I’d get as I was figuring about 20-24 ounces. I’ve already taken two ounces to make some Tinture and now I’ll be making a couple pounds of cannabutter. Here’s a picture of the Gold Leaf clone that still has another three weeks or so left.


That’s awesome! I’ve got two gl that sprouted about a week ago…reading that made me smile :grinning: great looking plant looks like you’re going to do good with that one also :+1::+1:


@WillyJ Thanks, this clone comes from good stock. A small bud from her Mother won the BOM contest for Aug. I think I might get a pound from her so I’ll have plenty of GL to go around. I’m really liking the Gold Leaf so far and so has everyone I’ve given it to.
Here’s a picture of the winning bud 35 days into flowering.



Very nice! :+1:I’m excited to see what mine will do…I’ve been reading good things


Today makes day 7 of veg. not counting the seedling week. Tomorrow I’ll be changing to late growth and will remain on it until they go into the flowering room. Here’s some pictures taken today.


Very nice @ntmaremach You my friend, are “dialed in.” Those plants are the picture of health and vigor! Best of luck on this journey!!


Absolutely beautiful! :heart: Don’t change a thing :v::seedling::sunglasses:


I thought I’d throw up some pictures of the ebb and flow system for those who are interested.
Here’s the drum and controller. There are three 1/4 inch hoses for the three large air stones running all the time. There’s also a pump inside the drum which supplies the nutrients into the controller bucket which gravity feeds all the other pots. You can see I have the timer set for 1/2 hour five times a day. I see that when setting the timer yesterday I have one set at 15 mins. I’ll get that tomorrow morning.

There’s a pump inside the controller bucket to pump the nutrients back into the drum after the 1/2 hour.

This is how the nutrients feed and drain into the pots. This is where you develop a problem with roots forming down into the elbow restricting the flow.

Here’s my Gold Leaf clone which is looking great.