Green Crack grow: (Seeds I won in june BOM contest)


Here’s an update on the GC. Looking great and the roots are just starting to show on the bottom. I should be putting them into the ebb and flow system in a week or so.


Wow! Dude you got it figured out huh? All ya girls look great, and I fear that ,the gl clone is bigger at 15 days than my sour diesel at 7 weeks!
That WILL BE my next seed purchase!
Anyway, :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::ok_hand::+1::fist:


Yes very nice @ntmaremach

You got skilz Bro.

PS I upvoted your BOM entry, dyn-o-mite!!!


Pictures taken today of the GC

Roots starting to show


Outta likes but :confetti_ball::sparkles::tada: Look at those baby girls grow!


Thank You @AnneBonny I’ll be putting them into the Ebb and flow system shortly.


Here’s a picture I took today of a Gold Leaf sample I took off. I can now see a few amber trichomes and my schedule says to harvest in two more days. Today is day 53 of bloom which is about ten days under the average for Gold Leaf. Not a great picture but you can see some turning amber.


Don’t be in too big of a hurry…


If there’s one thing I’ve learned being an old fart is to take your time. lol


Well you got the old fart part right lol! If I was smarter I’d have learned that lesson. But I was told long ago that all of my lessons are hard ones haha.


I put the three GC into the EBB and flow system the other day. I have them on the General Hydroponics seedling week nutes which runs about 350 PPM and maintaining the PH at 5.8. I’ve been adding a little PH down each day as the level rises to 6.0 after 24hrs.


@ntmaremach looking great! Hydroponic growing is still a mystery to me, but I’m taking notes. Have you ever added kelp or humic acid to your system?


@Covertgrower No I’ve never tried either. I’m trying to keep it to the three base nutrients plus the Liquid Koolbloom and Dry Koolbloom at the ripen week. I may add some CALiMAGic if needed. I try to follow this nutrient schedule from General Hydroponics website. I do keep it in Late Growth until I see the size I am looking for which is at least a month or so.


Here’s a couple of pictures taken today of the girls.

Neon Green Crack

Need some logic. Mines not working

Purdy. @ntmaremach

I have two green crack beans that I am dropping next!! (I think, so many choices).

PS when/how do we hear who won BOM, was it you???


@Screwauger I have that problem with what to grow next too. As far as the BOM goes I’ll have to wait to hear if I have won. We should hear soon though. If I did win I’ll be growing what I pick for seeds.


Today makes day 9 of the girls after being put into the ebb and flow system. I started them on early growth yesterday and will be on that for a week. After that I’ll be putting them on late growth until they go into the flowering room in a month or so. Here’s some pictures I took this morning.


They look gorgeous @ntmaremach What a beautiful shade of green.


Pretty girls dude!


Here’s a couple pictures to show how much they grow in just one day.