Green Crack grow: (Seeds I won in june BOM contest)


Been about a week now and they’re looking good. No roots showing yet on the bottom.


Here’s a closeup of a small Gold Leaf bud I just picked which is getting real close now. The lighting isn’t great in this shot but still looks good to me. I should be harvesting these real soon.:grin:


Looks great buddy


Thanks, @Hogmaster Looking at it I know why they call this Gold leaf. The Gold really comes out during the drying process. I have one more day of nutes then a flush for at least a week.


I personally don’t flush can’t tell any difference in it but yeah it’s some great medicine!!!


The GC is doing well and I like when you can see the growth in just one day.

I added a warm air humidifier to the veg. room to get the humidity where I’d like it. I’m running a dehumidifier outside the room to keep the humidity down in the flowering room.


I think your GL is going to win BOM this month. Nicely done. I’m really anxious for mine to be harvest ready


Thanks Will, today’s the last day of nutes for two of the GL’s. I’ll flush for a week and then harvest. I can’t wait for them to be dried and put into jars. Some of the cola’s are close to three inches in dia and nine inches long. I choose a small bud to enter in the BOM contest. It would be nice to win but there are many nice pictures and the race is close, you have to love it.
Here’s a picture taken today of one of the cola’s @Willd


!! that is a awesome looking bud @ntmaremach !!!


Thanks @BIGE there’s probably close to an ounce of dry weight in that picture. :grin:


psst,every bit of it!!


…lol sometime i do that too


So it is sorry guys haha thanks @BIGE @ntmaremach haha been going everywhere today got ahead of myself


it’s all good brother!!! like i say sometimes i read things wrong also…we all have.




can you enter this months BOM or no?
that bud could be a contender!!!


I do have a small bud from one of the plants of GL entered in the Aug. BOM contest.


Here’s the GL clone in soil at day 15 of flower She’ll be all by herself again in a week as I’ll be harvesting her Mother and Aunt.


Absolutely beautiful :heart:


WOW @ntmaremach That is a thing of beauty!!!