Green Crack grow: (Seeds I won in june BOM contest)


Just saw this and would like to follow along. Keep updating your Gold Leaf too as many of us are either growing or thinking about growing Robert’s signature strain. I put one into flower 2 1/2 weeks ago so very good timing haha!

Green Crack is ANOTHER one I want to grow! Congrats dude!


Day two in the blocks and all three are now showing, can’t wait.


Yeah I just got 5 GL beans a week or so ago, I will be following along for sure.


better watch that stuff @ntmaremach it might turn you into a Green crack head…lol
just poking you,i’ll be watching to see what wonders you grow out of these! lol


how big was the flowering room and how big were your pots?

i am facing the same situation, but mine are autos. 2 wont start budding so i am starting to think maybe they need to go


LOL Three plants and their all mine.:yum: Now to find a crack pipe.


The inside dimensions are 10ft. X 4.5ft. Here’s a couple of pictures before the SHTF with overcrowding. I was running two different systems at the time. I was completing a system I made up which was working fine but the EBB and flow will be much easier for me. Four were the EBB and flow and two were the old system. It had gotten so cramped in there I couldn’t get to the plants in the back. The Ebb’s are five gallon pots and my homemade system was about four gallons but were in totes which were large.


thanks, yeah, i have 10 autos in an 8x4, they are encroaching on each other big time. i didnt expect them to get this big ,being autos

live and learn

was thinking about dropping to 8 for the next batch of photos, but now you got me wondering about that.


@mulch I must have made the right decision ordering a 4x8 for my 15! That room looks packed!


10 autos, early flower (48 days old today) in an 8x4

if you do 15, my new advice is very small pots

even my fans and dehumidifier are being swallowed. there are 2 fans and a dehumidifier in this pic. can you see them?



I did 5 gallon off brand fabric pots. Hopefully the strains I have just don’t get that big? (Wishful thinking I know) thanks for the pics. They look great. I hope mine turn out half as good as yours being a first grower. My grow tent shipped today.


im a first grower too. if they are not autos, make sure you have sharp snips

the kushs main cola hit 90 cm before i tied it down. the entire plant was supposed to only get 60 cm. after i tied the main cola down, the others rose and the main cola bent. they are at equal levels now, but you know how tall all the budsites on that kush are?




105 cm

i forget that i am moving the light up often, and that means they are getting taller. lol

it is becoming routine

that being said they are almost doubling in height over what the breeder said. they went into stretch from 14 inches. flower them quick, maybe


Shoot, I have most that are 14" now. Thanks for the heads up. As soon as my tent gets here I’ll switch’em. Probably will be here next Wednesday. Amazon is fast everywhere but Alaska. 2nd day air means 4 business days for me. Lol


i have the stuff to make an ebb n flow system…lol
may have to give it a round @ntmaremach you are a growing machine!!


Today makes day four since they sprouted. Not much of a change but I will update often.


@Myfriendis410 Update on the Gold Leaf in flower. I put the two that are close to harvest on the Ripen week. After that at least a week of flushing and should be harvest time. I pulled the soil GL out so I could clean up and get some better pictures.
Here’s the GL clone in soil on day 9 of flower.

The GL does produce some large Cola’s. This was taken today from one of the other GL in flower.


Lovely plants! That’s really why I wanted to try it.

Here’s mine, started on 5/21/17 and flipped 3 weeks ago yesterday. 35" high as of yesterday.

And a little closer.

She really wasn’t ready to flip, but the other two kind of drove the decision for me. They were ready. @ntmaremach


@Myfriendis410 she’s looking great. I wish all three of mine would be done at the same time. I’m looking at having just the one in soil to be by herself until she’s harvested. Then I’ll bring the three GC into flower. At least that’s what I’m hoping for anyways.


Well, you know what they say about plans…never more true doing this stuff! My last grow was 6 plants and truthfully was too much. So I’ve staggered my grow into 3 at flower and 3 in veg. This time around I was going to do a comparison between coco and soil but lost the clone which was in soil. At that point I took a Gold Leaf clone and started it in coco as well. I really should start a grow journal…