Green Crack breeders

So I’ve been thinking about running a photo for my dad in the future, he always wants energetic sativas.
Green crack sounds like it would suit him very well, so far he’s enjoyed Tangie and AK 47 the most.

However as we know green crack was originally a clone only and the first person to get a clone isn’t a breeder who sells seeds. So I Geuss it comes down to trusting the breeder or where they around at the time to be able to go to a cannabis cup to bring home a clone they obtained from a cup event.
The breeders who are selling green crack:

ILGM, doesn’t say anything about how they obtained it or if it’s just their take on it.

Humboldt seeds, 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
1989 SSSC Skunk #1 x Isolated Afghani Cut
18% THC.
To my understanding Humboldt is a decent breeder, however they don’t really explain how they made the strain. It does sound like they understand the story of how the original was created and just re created it, again this is an assumption.

Growers choice also sells a version, little to no ifno on it aside from 60% sativa 40% indica.
They are decent breeders though.

The Cali Connect explaines their story:
“This is what we’ve done, we’ve taken the Green Crack and orginialy outcrossed her to a Deadhead backcross then backcrossed her back to Green Crack clone only. Upon making Green Crack BX seeds we crossed her once again into herself, thus creating an extremely solid representation of the Green Crack”

Sickmeds created an S1, the breeder (Red) obtained two clones coming from different sources to compare them to ensure he had a true green crack clone. He then created an S1 as well.

Msnl is just like ilgm they don’t give ant info about their genetics.

Runtz sells an S1 as well but he sounds like a shady individual who overcharges (140$) and I refuse to buy from him.

I don’t think I want an S1, I want a breeder to do more of the work then me. Lol

What do you guys think?
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Feel free to tag anyone who’s active and has been growing for a while. Ide like to see what everyone’s views are.

Ideally ide drop 5 seeds from each breeder and find the best but I’m just not home enough to do that.

Also if you know any other strains that are energetic as or better than green crack (I use strain compare to Check) please let me know.


You really shop for seeds like this? I don’t have much to say. Mosca and brothers Grimm both have good descriptions and are extremely reputable breeders. Get yourself some regs and go to work.


I picked up a zip of green crack last year from a family member. It’s a nice smoke.


Your just gonna have to take a chance somewhere down the line. I would definitely go the reg seed route and grow out a pack. Keep cuts of the females you find and let your Dad smoke em all to see if they fit the bill.


I’ve thought about getting some Skunk #1 from Dutch Passion. I know it’s not green crack, but if it’s the skunk I remember and love, it a great energetic strain … and they’re regular seeds. Maybe harvest some pollen and make some strains of your own.

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Um? Yeah lol, well I take the breeder into account of course however sometimes there is very mixed info out there about the breeder.
The breeder is only one variable, in a strain like GC some are more indica then sativa and vice versa so I’m looking for the sativa genetic which is closer to the original clone version.

Ps I dont see either brothers grimm or mosca have green crack…?

@Myfriendis410 that was the plan but the only one selling regulars seems to be sickmeds or riot with the s1’ s

As long as it’s from a reputable source you should be okay. But like imSICKkid stated, somewhere you’ll be taking a chance. I know you want information, but sometimes it’s just not out there. I’ve fell into a few weed holes looking for strains too, and all have come to the same conclusions as yours.

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Meh! @Covertgrower :sob:
I was wondering if any of you had experience with a breeder that’s breeding GC.
Or generally impression of these breeders?

Edit if brothers grimm had one ide buy it lol

Mosca and brothers Grimm have been around probably the longest. Only other thing to consider is who has regular seeds?

I haven’t grown GC.

They both don’t have green crack that I could find. I don’t know what @dbrn32 meant because I just looked

So you have any general ideas of any of the ones I listed?

Only riot and sickmeds seem to have regs but riot is $$ I’ve read on the net he’s a real jerk to. Probably has good genetics but stole them all by giving fake claims to obtain clones for “Commerical. Medical patients” really burnt alot of bridges on many forums from What I’m Seeing. Don’t think I can support that.

The next step is who offers regular version…

I dropped 4 seeds from Humboldt Seed Co. and only 1 was worth keeping. I don’t even know the sex yet.

I dropped one seed from Brothers Grimm, Durban Thai x Cindy99. People rave about this strain. I’m growing because I have heard that it’s the best Sativa some have had. It’s super vigorous so far. They’re feminized.

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I meant if you didn’t like the breeders that have green crack, buy something with similar effects from a different breeder.


Ahh thnx for that clarification man.

You wouldn’t believe how good it is going. So much for your tips and kind words and if you want to see how things are going I’ll send you a pic

Interesting read. Wasn’t aware breeders were doing their “take” on whatever strain… I suppose it’s foolish of me to think that Strawberry Cough from one breeder would be the same as from another.

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Never grown Green Crack, one of my favorite energetic strains is Sour Diesel.


@Hellraiser I considered it in the running but it fell short.

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I picked up some green crack ak47 photos have three started just went into buckets two days ago

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That sounds like a good mix who were those seeds from, I just ordered Cali connect fem green cracks.

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