Green Air Products CO2 generator CD-6 missing power adapter


Green Air Products Carbon Dioxide Generators CD-6
I seem to have lost or they never gave me one, I do have a power adapter anywhere of it. Does any one have the full specs for the power adapter?

I can seem to find one with right size jack, I know the basics that in the user’s manual, but not the actual adapter details.


have u tried the company that sells them? or hydroponic supply? if u call one in Colorado or CA they may get the info over the phone


call the mfger…they will know more than anyone else.


Not sure of this product… more info needed… :grin:



@basementstealth @peachfuzz
I emailed on Monday and no response after 1 week. I’m trying to flip to flower Tuesday. Short time frame figured I could adapt the big box of various one into something that works till I can get one.


call a hydro supply store


:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:look up the item on amazon. buy it on prime acct (free shipping) take down the info about the power supply. return it


That my next step tomorrow.


What is it?.. never heard of such a thing… and I know quite a bit… :wink:



This is for co2 generator, power cord/adapter. I wanted to flip to 12/12 Tuesday and wanted to run it with my climate controller. I’m trying to macgyver one to work. I’ve got a big box of 15+ adapters that I may be able to work but I don’t have the specs for the adapter. Specific to power output needed to egnite the burners.


I’ve never heard of such a thing… I use a propane generator for co2… :wink:



Yes this is a propane generator but it has a auto on/off switch that powered by ac/dc adapter like small electronics, they are just power converters.
All the green air products generators have them, mine is the cd-6.


So I emailed the company again, this time the emails for 2 days has been bouncing back. I called and left a message no return call yet.

Found the problem, I was using the link from there page and the link had an extra “dot” at the end of the email address. This was causing the bounce hopefully it goes through now.


I’m just going to tear into it and make my own connector and adapter.

Any suggestions to improve what is there or is it simple is the best.


Do you have a pic of unit…?
I know that Walmart sales a universal adapter plug kit in there electronics area that will pretty much plug into anything ac or DC… if I can find mine , I’ll put up a pic…:wink:


Here some pics of the unit. I’ve removed the front shield and base cover so you can see the connector, I also slid the cover off the connector so you can see the wire and connection.


Yes Walmart has a universal plug adapter that will plug right into that unit… :wink:



I’ll check it out thanks.