Great White For Thicker Branches?

I’m about 2 months into growing some Blue Dream from seed. I don’t think my branches are thick at all, but I didn’t low stress any of them. They seem very flimsy and already had one break trying to tuck it under some netting. I just bought this product called Great White. I know this product is supposed to increase root growing, but I’m hoping this will help make my branches tougher and not so easy breakable as well.


It’s really only something you want to use when transplanting. It’s most effective when making direct contact with the roots. It’s great stuff but not something that’s going to help with what you’re trying to do. Look in to some silica products like armor si or bulletproof si. Silica is what helps make the branches hardy.


Thank you! One question though I’m currently using Fox Farm nutrients, Big Bloom and Grow Big. Would adding one of those products to what I’m giving them already have any negative effects on the plants?

No. I used the trio for a while too. The usual practice is feed - water - feed. Other supplements would be given on the water only days Add silica to the water, pH and you are all set.


Glad to hear! Thank you for the help!

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Yep, as beardless stated. Use it on water only days. Let it mix well then ph. The stuff is very alkaline so it will raise the ph of your water if you’re using tap water. If you’re using RO water then it won’t add enough ppm to be able to ph properly. So you’ll just let it mix well and give it to the plant.


Great White is good stuff. …but there are other good microbes and bacteria that could cost less. Recharge among others. Use them every 7-10 days to help the plant use the nutrients provided at feeding to help the plant grow stronger.

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I’ll second the "real growers recharge ". Really good stuff!

I started using silica on my last grow made big difference wait till your done with LST or your LST will turn into super cropping

This. I usually won’t add silica until I’m done training a plant. It really strengthens plant structure and makes it difficult to train without breaking things. I’ve split nodes trying to train plants treated with silica. They’re just too stiff, and silica works really quickly. I love the stuff once later into flowering. Helps hold heavy flowers up.


This was my first grow and didn’t know about LST and I’m about 2 months into veg looking to flip into flower soon. Should I not give my plants any Silica then since I didn’t do any LST?

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If u plan on doing any last I’d say not yet. If no last being done give it to her it will be efit alot if u think I’ll have to do list to keep it lower do list now and start doing silica