Great support group

I am the type person who says what he means while allways avoiding negative people. I wanted to just say that you folks in this group are some of the most upbeat and helpful people I’ve encountered. If the MJ opposers would look at the characteristics of the users who are NOT part of the criminal element, they would meet some of the kindest, and most helpful folks there are. And you guys have a pretty good sense of humor as well. It’s an honor to know you all! Now go check on your babies.


I agree with you 100% @Happy_Pappy


You changed your pic didn’t you?


Lol yeah the office gave me a new avatar yesterday bro hahahahaha


Sorry dude. None of my business.

This avatar don’t look so angry like your older one lol

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Most of the Mods are in North America if the tag include ILGM.Support,sales,etc they are from the mothership and can be located in UK,Europe I am from Canada if you click on avatar we have descriptions and stats like any other members :wink: The Forum is ILGM ran and supported by seed sales, but the day to day is members volunteers Mods and we are nothing without members. It is the members that make up the community all the mods and staff are here to do is keep people civil and help where and when we can, mods tend to be sourced from extremely active and well versed members. As in we are all just members and growers too :wink: who started here wanting to share and help other while learning as much from them



Well put my friend well put !!

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