Great seeds. Was skeptical. No longer skeptical. Lol

Just want to shout out ILGM. This website is awesome. My brother has grown some outdoor bagseeds for the last couple years. Results varied. I decided to buy some seeds and these seeds are great. They germinated in less than 24 hours. I checked them after 12 and they already had cracked the shell. I messed up and should have ordered autoflowers. So i ordered 20 bruce banners and will grow 2 of those with 2 of the Super Skunk Ones i have going now. Absolutely excited. We wanted some variety. For the couch lock days and something for the smoke and fish days. My brother is the green thumb of the family. But is extremely stubborn about organic. Trying to get him to grow a couple of these in his garden as kind of a “control”

Have already seen some awesome advice here. I got the photone app to check my DLI. Great information.


My experience with bag seed isn’t that good and I fully understand your excitement. I’ll never grow bag seed again unless it’s my own

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