Great results from the U.S

I don’t blog during a grow, I don’t post pictures, I feel that is dangerous, however I feel obligated to share my story. 2 orders placed from ILGM and both resulted in received items in 10 days to east coast US. First order WW autos, first crack at an auto strain turned out nice 2 plants yielded a little over 2 zips of very good smoke, next was 5 plants 4 strains 2 superskunk, 1 OG Kush, 1 Purple Haze and 1 Big Bud. FIM all but SS at 2 weeks, flowered at 4 weeks, after 60 days with a vacation coming had to chop. The seeds from ILGM provided an amazing 12 week journey, no issues very resistant strains easy to grow in my 4x2x5 tent. I have grown a lot of plants over my lifetime but these were by far the most eager to please plants that I have ever seen, just beautiful results and it’s clear to me that those looking for ILGM info need to look no further, great strains, great customer service and unreal results, I found myself making a very difficult decision yesterday… Which strain do I smoke, WW, OG, SS, PH, or BB if that is the hardest weekend decision one has to make then life is good! Thanks ILGM for running a great business, very customer centric in a very difficult industry, my god please US legalize this wonderful, helpful plant! I will post final weight once complete and glad to answer any strain specific questions based on my experience with these strains!


Glad to hear you are doing well. Happy Growing :slight_smile: