Great plant for meds


Just used my ak-49 auto and wow it’s got great pain block. My foot has been cramping and killing me today and this really helped. I do love the Kush family. Really deep oily tastes and smell too.
That’s all just posting my findings to help

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Glad it’s working and thanks for the info, I let some super cheese go to 60 - 70% Amber and it’s hanging now I can’t wait to try it !

…the super cheese mother at 20% was Dynamite so I think this might be the sleep medicine I need …maybe even more than Northern Lights?


Man look at them colas , holy yikes @Paranorman I see you been working great job my stoner buddy .

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Thanks Yoshi I’m hanging in there but I’m still dealing with that brown leaf spot but within a month I’ll have everything wrapped up I’m going to sanitize with fungicide and hopefully get back at it with some new strains

If the problem starts again I’ll get a sulfur burner, that’s Last Resort because I have respiratory issues but my room’s sealed, will put it on a timer so exposure is minimal

I can’t believe all the new stuff on ilgm pretty awesome but now it’s too hard to choose LOL I see you started again I saw your thread I’m following it, best wishes !

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Yeah I couldn’t wait but I’m upgrading everything , DS XML 650 by Advance LED for my small tent and the Apache Tech AT600 for the new tent setup I bought with the bells and whistles and I bought a CO2 refillable tank so I’m slowly getting into the perpetual growing cause of the demand but did not want it to get to this , I was just in it for myself and my sisters health , but I smoked with a few and there it went , quality will always expose the vendor ?


Note. Even picked early with all cloudy still heavy seditive goodnight

Sleep tight dont let the bed bugs bit. Lol.
Thanks for the smoke report.
Id love to grow one of each of ilgms autos in yhe same grow. Has anyone tried this.

It would also be a great seed pack to buy. One of each auto. Whoed buy it?. I know i would.