Great pic of bug pulled from SD Auto

Looked up common garden pests of Ontario and couldn’t find a pic of this.
I check the plant almost every day, only found these this week.
At first I thought maybe a carnivore on an aphid-hunt, but now there are more of them.
This is on a balcony about 150’ up so pests aren’t usually a problem, and this Sativa-Dominant Auto is doing really well. Still, I’m a little worried that they seem to be multiplying.

Does anybody recognize this?
If it’s any help, they don’t hop and are not the quickest critters out there. It was pretty easy to wrangle three of 'em.

A zoom-in…

Kind of looks like a stink bug


I second stink bug


This SDA is in full bud, the trichomes are just starting to appear, so it’s got about a month to go. Are there still pest-control options available?

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People use captain jacks dead bug. It’s good throughout the entire grow.


Are they on the plant itself, or in the soil?

Is there any evidence they have been munching on the plant?

I also second stink bug, but I didn’t think they grew up north. Maybe imported in soil?

If they are not on the plant itself, I think you could sprinkle boric acid (which is non-toxic) around the plant. Would need someone else on this forum confirm that would work.

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There’s a lot of recent articles about Stinkbug being a recent invasive species up here.
I’m not completely convinced, because this guy doesn’t have the pronounced ‘shoulders’ that you see on a Stinkbug. I’m not even sure if they’re herbivores, but they’re multiplying, so what are they eating?
They’re on the stalk mostly, or the trimmed part of the branches.

If I can’t find Captain Jack’s, will Safer’s Soap be ok?

Here’s a stinkbug that showed up on the plant about two weeks ago. The pics don’t show scale at all, but the black bug in the box is about 1/4 the size of the stinkbug.
Never saw another stinkbug, and the others I just squashed (about 10-15), and that was the last of them.

I think the first one was a stinkbug nymph. Meaning a baby.