Great growing strains 4 beginners

Okay i see all these strains that look so beautiful you want to up and grow them i know way better now and through research have come to know that white widow is a good one to start with! i wanted to get you alls opinion…what are 2 more Strains to start w as a beginner to learn as i can make my decision? REMEMBER: I’m looking for potency grow abilities and decent yield (pretty flowers) lol any feedback would be nice and welcome

“Blue Venom” (blueberry x white widow) always, always great grow/yields and excellent taste + potent - easy to grow (believe G-13 labs) Once bitten you will always include this one in your cultivation projects. For #2 select an AK strain, (they have one here) easy to grow, strong, ect all are good for beginer’s because these plants can take abuse (we have all abused plants) Happy Cultivation


Thank you i was looking towards strains from this site ilgm as they are who i want to do nuisances with first joyfully only them don’t think they have blue venom
However i was looking at white widow and either super skunk or amnesia haze

White widow is a very good seed for beginners.

Check out all our recommended seeds for beginners here:


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White Widow is the one and you’ll get a hole bunch of free seeds all the same strain…you just can’t go wrong. Take it from experience I’ve been growing W.W 2 1/2 years and cloned up to 5 generations of W.W

Best of luck…and Wecome to I.L.G.M
Look forward to your grow



3 for white widow…every top 10 list for popular smoke I have seen, ww is in there.

agree with MacGyver - check list ! consider - Blueberry - will give you the color you want, if you want a short plant look at Indica strains (pure indica, AK (indica hybrid), ect)

This is really up to you to do some research on what you want. Less face it you and only you know …

1.) What you can afford
2.) Space you have to grow in

And so an so on. We all have had to do it.
And so can you. I could spend all day with this, but I’m not going to.
Now I can list you a hole list of seed banks but thats it.


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Appreciate that @garrigan62
Space: 77×77×77
$$: don’t matter (open)
Im about where i need to be to take off expect to shop soon for my seeds

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since your on this forum .look for the tag in upper rite hand corner .click on seeds . once you get to the seed bank on the left is a guide to help you make a choice . gold leaf is one that is listed as vary easy as is white widow although the gold leaf is a tall grower . according to the article .so make sure to put her into flower when she is a little less than half the height you intend her to get . hope this is some help … just remember You cant fail if you don’t try , but you cant succeed either :grinning:

By flower to make sure terminology is par that’s the tabbed to bucket she’s gonna be in to finish w newer soil? @Hammer

Hey these strains are the only ones they have they don’t update etc im only asking out of curiosity bc seen stone other sites they have different strains is ridiculous one of the rations i feel comfortable here is its like there is time and effort into each strain but some other strains such as those girl scout cookies oh my there so awesome or even cookies kush but i was only wondering being inquisitive no disrespect meant

none taken . iam not good on putters so some of my directions mite sound crude .lol on my screen as i type i see the tab that will help ya get to the bean bank and find some answers to the prob… on the gold leaf i found more info else where on this site . am looking now . found it "… Gold leaf Strain Review , a cool change . type in last sentence into forum search engine you may have to scroll down and hit the more button .if cant find let me know and ill do what i can take care an happy growen

Goldleaf will grow tall if allow it to. I have one that is at 5 ft indoors on the 3rd week of flower. All I ever did to it was topped once. On another Goldleaf it is sitting at 4ft but it was topped and LST’ed so super bushy. I had to release the tie downs otherwise I wouldn’t have room in my 4x4x7 tent for both.

hey J i read the strain review on the G L i got 6ft clearance. when would you say to put it into flower, at what height ??

I was at 20" on the topped only and 18" on the topped and lst’ed one

Edit: stretch has stopped 2 days ago, so I had 2.5 weeks of stretch in coco

holy cow lmao… i may have to start them at 12-14 inch or pinch em 4 or 5 times then spread them branches out. i use nylon net already to keep my girls from breaking over during bud . lol

Ya the amount of branching that occurred with simple single topping then lsting them shocked me. If I kept the LST up I could have filled the 4x4 tent with 1 plant easily. It still takes up a roughly 2.5x2.5ft section by itself after releasing the tie downs

may he should have named it WareHouse in stead of gold