GREAT FORUM! New Grower Question


@Countryboyjvd1971 I do not have those meters or Sledgehammer but will soon.

I do have the feeding schedule for FF. I have a question on that: Do I mix Big Bloom (6 tsp) AND Grow big (2 tsp) in the gallon of water together ?

I’m still not to sure of watering days, I don’t want to over or under water. Since I put them in the 3.5 gallon containers, I’m not too sure how much to water how often. I am just checking the soil with my finger and if its moist, I let it go a day, and recheck. Also the container weight.

It’s week two and I will start feeding them later this week based on your feedback. They seem to like their new home with more light and space to grow.




yes! In the same gallon @growingwithtats


@bob31 what’s the best way to test ph? Water plants and test run off? I think that’s what I’m picking up here. I’m getting there…

What are your thoughts on how I’m watering.

“am just checking the soil with my finger and if its moist, I let it go a day, and recheck. Also the container weight.”


the pH has to be tested on the water before you use it. Depending on the soil your using it has to be adjusted to match?

So what are you growing in?

I lift test. When light i water. I never found the finger test to my liking. Felt like i was digging my fingers into the roots. But feel down to first knuckle depth and then usually ok. Every plant is different. Some of them go long time in between waterings and others take water every couple ofdays


@bob31 I have my plants in some rich compost soil that I have had great luck with in my garden and house plants. Do I need a soil and liquid ph tester? One to test soil and one to test my water?

Still learning.


no worries, thats what I am here for to point you in the right direction! LOL I will link in some ideas of what you need!

Don’t buy one of those prong meters. They really don’t work.

You want a pH tester for water

ph meter only

ph up & Down

7.0 calibration fluid


@bob31 ok, one more stupid question: how do I check the ph of the soil?

Thank you for the links!


There are different reasons to check the pH of the soil. Are you trying to determine the pH for matching up the water and soil? Slurry test is the easiest.

Also when you water you should water to runoff, collect the last bit and check it for pH and TDS @growingwithtats

no stupid questions


Im with bob.

He gave a few suggestions on meters :+1:
And hes on point with slurry test being best way to test soil
You should always ph your water in for soil 6.3-6.8 is best
Sorry fir slow reply I usually on in the mornings
I have strange hours buddy and some personal stuff going on right now just a fyi
you said your in week 2 from sprout?
You should be in late seedling stage / early veg now if from sprout
Can you post a picture for us buddy


I have a PH meter, PH up and down, Calibrating solution, and Sledgehammer on the way!

So I check My soil, Then my water I am using, then adjust them both to 6.3 to 6.8??? How does that process work? I guess if my soils PH is low, adjust the water I am using, UP to bring up PH in soil. Same for down?

I watered Tuesday, so I guess Ill start Nutes Thursday or Friday.

This is two weeks from seeds poppin up out of soil. They look good now that I quit over watering them and put them in big containers.

@Countryboyjvd1971 - No worries about reply time brother!! I know how life can be. I just appreciate you and @bob31 helping me out so much. Y’all Rock.



Draw your water into containers and allow chlorine to evaporate for 48 hours.

First check and calibrate meter as needed.

Note the pH of your source water. If it is 7.2 from the tap then it will almost always be 7.2. if you check it next week and it says 4 you could have a meter issue.

pH your water to 6.5 using meter and pH up or down; going in.

Water to runoff and then check the pH of the last bit of runoff.

@growingwithtats is that a little more concise?


That is about as concise as it gets. Thank you for drawing me a picture. Lol

Do my plants look ok to you for two weeks?


@bob31 couldn’t you try out with water test solution to rule out meter?


he has calibration fluid and it is testing good isn’t that correct @growingwithtats

Great question @AmnesiaHaze

or do you mean the slurry test?


No the city tap water. Use solution to find correct ph of it coming out tap. Using color chart @bob31 thanks


sure to double check it? @growingwithtats do you also have the pH testing kit?


I don’t have meter or anything yet. On the way from amazon.

I haven’t started nutrients yet.

I googled slurry test and will use to check soil when meter arrives.

I have water setting out letting chlorine evaporate.

Thank guys!



Question: Do you mist your plants with a spray bottle With plain, no-clorine, PH -6.4 water?

Week three from seed. Nutrients and PH good.


I do for the first week to two weeks but not after that. Once the roots develop enough they will uptake everything they need through the roots. @growingwithtats