Great day to be alive


Out of respect of the members who have Christian beliefs, I would like to say Happy Easter to you. Those who don’t, happy day to you. There, all my bases are covered. Rock on! I love you all.


As we say in Massachusetts, happy Easta :+1:


Happy Easter. @daddydays


Hope everyone has a happy Easter Sunday.


And we all hope you did to my friend



I believe that the PC thing to say is " happy holidays". It’s horsepoop really, can’t even tell someone. Merry Christmaswithout risking hurting their feelings


Yes friend that’s why I added happy day. No race but one. The human race. Believe what you will.


You too darling.


I have a family event today which is delaying my harvest! Lol. Need to be very medicated today.

Already out of likes and it’s only 10:30am!


Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Lol


Yeah, I’m gonna need more than plain oxygen today.


I keep telling you their loves. Ha


Well, I don’t have any “loves” either.


I do. See?


You are alot of fun. Have a good day!


Happy Spring Day to all! A big shout out to Mother Nature, Planet Earth and Life! Take a moment today (and every day) and practice Random Acts of Kindness and celebrate the art of giving and above all loving yourself and those who share our beautiful home, animals and all living things! Enjoy life! Namaste


all except Cabbage looper worms!


Happy Easter Sunday everyone who celebrates!!!


You too ma’am.


@raustin As my niece always tells me ‘Accept and Release’