Great Customer Support On Lost Seeds

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Always nice to the system is hard at work :slight_smile:

I went through a very similar experience to hotrodsontheblvd.

Rather than all the brow beating she gets Claire deserves an especial pat on the back.

My seeds came in Friday, Jul 24, on the 3rd time around in fantastic condition and ready to germinate. I just wish that people who order seeds, especially those of us in the good ol’ USA, would realize that as long our Government clings to the current cockeyed, silly ass views and policies on Marijuana which translates to Customs seizure and/or interception it’s hard to just get seeds through. There’s nothing that even says Customs has to send you any kind of notice or information if they snatch your order. This being the case it profits nothing to beat up on ILGM in general or Claire in particular over missing shipments.

Great work Claire and ILGM you’re TOPS in my book!


I guess from all the post third time is a charm…lol. Mine was third time also.
And yes Claire is really great.

the same as hotrod but now they are the best!! they did replace them!! tks ilgm

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you have to have patience the customer service has always been friendly and have keep there word ILGM IS A GOOD CO. I have worked with a lot of companies this is a good one