Great Customer Service and Great Shipping

I ordered on 8/5 and they were shipped on 8/7. 15 days later I got them. I am in the SE of the US. ILGM and the staff here are wonderful. They ship fast and they are trustworthy. Most of the reviews that I have seen that were bad were as a result of folks getting impatient and not waiting long enough. It can take up to 25 business days and sometimes longer because of sitting at Customs. Plus seeds do get intercepted by Customs which delay things until you get a notice that they took them. Then all you do is notify ILGM. And they will send out a new shipment. And if you do get a notice of seizure by customs, dont worry. No one has ever heard of anyone showing up at your door because of it. And I have a relative that works customs and he has said that they dont care really. If they find them they will seize them but thats all they care about. They arent going to send someone to your door. neither federal or local. So dont get all worried if your seeds do get seized. I have it from the horses mouth.

I was worried like all new folks about ordering from, for me, a new company, but I gave them a chance and have been well pleased. And got great, healthy seeds… So far, every seed I have started has popped. 100 percent. And my Gold Leaf girl is growing great. I have 4 growing, 1 gold leaf, 1 White Widow, and 2 OG Kush. Of them the Gold Leaf is doing the best. Its a plant that Robert made himself. its a great medical grow.

Also, I cannot say enough about this. never have them shipped to where you are going to grow. I have a private box away from my home that I have my grow stuff shipped to. Some minor items I will ship to home. But definately not my seeds.