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@Ray4x @Covertgrower @70sChick @MattyBear @eric2 @Tr33 Hey guys, as Im sitting here like a kid on Christmas Eve, waiting to put together my grow tent and receive my first seeds, I have been researching different types of grow journals. I am usually old school when it comes to technology so I usually like to handwrite materials that only I will read. But lo and behold, I came across this awesome Grow Journal App called [Growbuddy]. Take a look for yourselves! I


It’s hard to handle it or maybe I don’t figure that out yet

Im still playing with it. Go through the tutorial, it was really helpful! You can set feeding schedules and tasks and you can use the growbuddy marketplace and add all the materials you are using @M4ur

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I will give it a second chance :wink:

Thx for the info on the app… Gonna check it out… Good luck on your grow when you get it all together @VelcroThumb

Won’t let me download to phone.:confused:

Give it a search on play store from Google @Laurap

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Awesome! I have been looking for a good journal app. I can’t find this particular one, but just stumbled on what looks like a really good one!

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I love GrowBuddy. I use that on my iPad, this on my iPhone, and yes, I actually hand-write things in a physical paper 3-subject notebook. I’m 47. I’ll never part with good old-fashioned paper and pen.


Proof that I wasn’t kidding. Lol! And I never said it was pretty. I change my mind a lot and scribble shit out.


@muffybunny you been raiding my notebook girly!? :laughing:

@muffybunny :rofl: mine is a cross between all caps and cursive! Im so ready to start i cant stand it! Still waiting on my seeds! Blueberry, AK47, strawberry kush, pineapple haze, bubblegum and sour diesel!

Make sure you start a journal @VelcroThumb! We are nosy peeps around here and love to see/monitor/learn from your progress :+1:


I hear you @VelcroThumb. I’ve only foment one grow journal on this site. I usualy buy a calander and use it as my grow journal jotting down when planted feeding light changes humidity and temps etc. I find it easier to look through before my next grow to get a handle on the time frame.

I tried it a few months ago and didn’t like it. But good luck hope it works out

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Oh my goodness! I have tried to download and login to this app with no luck at all. It says on the website that they had a server issue and a lot of members info is unrecoverable :frowning:

I too am looking for an app, preferable one that works on windows as I have a spare laptop I want to use for my grows.

PS: Also tried, Jane, Botana.