Greasemonkey’s grow plan so far

On my intro. I explained I received a 3x3x7 tent. I see a lot of noob advice here so here goes. With the grow set-up came (4) 5 gallon fabric bags and trays, (4) quart size starter pots, (2) large bags of Roots Oranics indoor soil (not the outdoor 707mix) and a complete Aroura 5ml nutrients kit.
I plan on WW fem seed from Robert. I will follow their germ plan. Into a small 1.5 sqaure pot Using CFL curlie Q’s until three or four set of leaves appear.
First questions:

  1. I will go from germ pots to quart pots then to 5 gallon pots. Timing?
  2. once transplanted seedling is ready at 4-5 leaves how far away should I initially start the use of a 400W M H lighting?

This is my “Support Ticket”

Strain; WW feminized

Soil in pots, Coco mix RootsOrganics

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? Aruora 5ml master plan

Indoor 3x3 meter 2.5 meter tent

Light system, 400W MH to start, I will then swap to 400W HPS.
Temps; 60
Humidity;30 both ambient start values not running yet.
Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch ducted fan., plus 4 muffin fans directed at various angles blowing on crop from above canopy (the plan anyway)
Humidifier, De-humidifier. (Both are available)

Co2; No


In addition, I plan a Scrog grow with (4) plants.

These will grow in a cool atmosphere of about 55-60 degree constant temp but variable humidity (by season. Dry now,humid summer.) intake air.

I’m hoping this will creat a decent temp inside the tent in combo with the lighting. Any guesses?


So, a couple of things:

Welcome! I hope you become an active participant in our grow forum

Get a decent ph meter, calibration fluid and use it. Ph up and down. You’ll need it.

Roots Organics makes a variety of products. I use their coco. Make sure that you know what you got. It makes a huge difference.

What is your choice for nutrients?

Start your seedlings in a dedicated medium instead of directly into soil. Jiffy peat starters, rock wool, Miracle Grow seed starter etc. as these contain no nutrients to harm seedlings.

Get some clear domes to place over your sprouts to maintain humidity.

Your base temperature will go up when you start using that mh light. 70 to 85° is your range.

Ask questions!


Your tent is 9 ft x 9 ft? That’s pretty big! Why only four plants? 400W of light will not be sufficient for that space.


Incredibly hard to grow plants that cold I assume this is a basement grow since temp is pretty consistent I have tried the cold grow it sucks. There are tricks you can employ to recover heat off your lights and make space more plant friendly


Oops, meant to state 1meter square.


Right on @Greasemonkey welcome to our lil community sounds like a great set up do not know alot about indoor growing but I follow alot of the indoor grows and learn more and more.
Looks like you are on the right track though everyone here has a wealth of individual and collective experience I never once got bad advice here!! So welcome my friend and happy growing!!

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Basically what I was hoping for. Seems most of the time, the story is people can’t get rid of excess heat. I’m wondering how I’d fare with the lighting making enough to get it up there where it needs to be.

Yes a basement grow.

I’ve read a few posts of HPS /MH raise tent an easy 10-15 degrees. Wondering how accurate that statement is. At that rate I should be close to a decent window. Am I off base


A 400w is basically comparable to a 400w space heater it’s a long read but you may find tidbits in it

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For babies you need a lot more humidity. During veg state up to 70%. Temps inside tent with lights 70-77°. I go straight into 5 gallon after theyre big enough.

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@Greasemonkey What type of hood are you using?
So this is my setup

Larger section is 8x4, smaller section is 4x3 with 6ft ceiling. Basically 270sqft with intake 120cfm, exhaust 200+100cfm running 3x1200w LED’s. Even with 2 circulation fans my temps still top at 92. I didn’t realise heat would be such a big issue. If I were building my tent again I’d go for at least 8ft ceilings.

I want to find detailed information about this strain. I know that he has an average vegetation line