Gray powder mold

I have some powder gray mold. Need to do a peroxide bath when I harvest this weekend. What is the peroxide to water mixture please.

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I use a cup of peroxide to each gallon of water. I also wash them in lemon juice. About a cup per gallon. Rinse in plain water.


I go 5 gallons water to 1/2 cup lemon juice and 1/2 baking soda in one bucket, 5 gallons water and 1 qt 3% hydrogen peroxide in another then 5 gallons pure RO water. Swish and swirl but don’t hit the sides of the bucket, I hang the branches to dry and I bounce my hand on the line until water stops dripping off then into the dry tent with them.


As you can see, you’ll get different replies. I used to do the lemon and baking soda together, then finish with peroxide then a rinse.
Now I do all separate, baking soda, lemon juice, peroxide, followed by a rinse.
5 gallons of water, with 2 cups of each in each separate tray. Stir up the baking soda until you don’t see it settling anywhere.
Use whatever amount you decide after hearing all the different replies. And in any order you see fit. Leave out whatever you see fit.
Don’t leave out the rinse though, and get a good initial dry on it before putting it up to slow dry.
I’m pretty sure baking soda, and the peroxide are big for killing mildew.
Keep in mind none of this works miracles, if you see mold started, pull off all affected areas, and wash your hands or change gloves before continuing.

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Thank you for your help man. THE FORUM COMES THROUGH A G A I N!

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