Gray dry matter at base of buds

This doesn’t look good. 9 week WW autoflower (yea I know it’s purple…2 turned purple). The buds just kind of disintegrate where the bud meets the stem. Outdoor grow and none of the others nearby are affected. AND, it’s not the whole plant, just the big cola.

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That is bud rot, which is due to mold. I’m guessing the humidity is high where you are?

I would remove plant parts that look moldy or rotting and treat the whole plant with a dilute spray of hydrogen peroxide.

Increasing airflow around the plant can help prevent it from happening again.


Yes, humid here in Virginia but we’ve had very little rain lately. I wonder why this is the only one that got bud rot? Should I treat the ones in the near vicinity with the dilute peroxide solution? Any advice on how much peroxide/water in the ratio?
Thanks so much for your help!


Peroxide 10% water 90%


1-2Tableapoons of peroxide (2%) to a gallon of water


Regular water rinse

Then hang em to dry :sunglasses::v:t2:

Washing them MIGHT actually make them taste not as good but only barely….wash them buds be safe not sorry

YouTube it for an actual visual


Thank you for that!
This girl isn’t ready for harvest yet…shouldn’t I still spray the plant? Or just harvest and cut my losses?

Kinda up to you and how the overall plant health is…there isn’t anything wrong with letting immature buds mature AFTER you’ve already cut a bud/stem off the plant…this is called selective harvesting and I honestly think at this point this is what you should do…just keep checking each bud and harvest as necessary


I’m thinking worms, had a few last year they would hit some buds and not others. Look real close at effected areas for worms if you find even one in there get some bug juice and spray the hell out of them.


Yeah @TipperWilson that’s a bummer, I’m with @MidwestGuy definitely Bud rot. Once you see it you’ll never forget it. I would cut out and get rid of the affected area.


No for bud rot like that spray it sith 1 cup peroxide to 1 gallon of water. 1 t s p or tbsp wont kill anything mixed with a gallon of water lol. Do it at lights out or at dusk. Spray over under and all around every part of the plant leaves stalks and all. Plus the hydrogen peroxide is a good oxygen boost for the plant. After the spray the leaves do usually feel a bit dryer than normal and pistils usually start to change colors next day but dont harm a thing. If ground or soil plant is in gets alot of the h2o2 mix ull want to follow up with a good feed directly after as the peroxide will kill off anything useful u want and need

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Hey, thanks. That’s the way I was leaning since this plant is younger than the rest and one that I had pinched back early on. I’ll keep my eye on the neighbors and spread them out more.

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Thank you for your input!

Yea, the buds just disintegrate in your hands. Definite bummer! Thankfully, it only was on one part of one bud and I hope that I caught it in time so that it doesn’t spread to my other plants.


Thank you. I’ve looked at all of the plants and only found one caterpillar once and pulled him off; but they can show up at any time, for sure.

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May have crawled in that bud when it was there an did a number 2 in the bud before he left and it started to rot. How long ago was it. Hopefully thats all u get. Id do a good bud wash at harvest

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You know@Mark0427, it was the same plant that I removed the caterpillar from! I recall since only 2 of my plants turned purple and this was one of them! Great detective work and now I’m hopeful that the worm was the culprit and maybe that’s why none of the other girls were affected. Thanks again!

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Fingers crossed. Good luck keep ur eyes on them all now to make sure.


Cut off and dispose of all buds in question, to late those and not worth the risk

I’m going to grow inside this time; did two grows outside. Both times I got bugs that had a stripe along the sides. Then got the same caterpillars as shown in the pictures above. Maybe this bug lays the eggs? If so might be an early warning. Tried insect I’d, but didn’t find it. Does anyone know what it is?