Gratitude for help

_Sorry it’s been a while, I see there’s a new forum…just wanted to update-plants are great, customer service was fantastic and hopefully very soon-as early as this Friday 4-15-16-the state of Pennsylvania may be next MMJ state!! Amnesia Haze has been a great strain for me & hubby, both have chronic disorders. Highly recommend!
Blessings, peace and love…Lisa _


Glad to hear all is well! I hope your state does the right thing and recognize the value of cannabis to help with a plethora of issues. Here in Utah we tried to legalize this year, but the LDS Church decided to weigh in on politics as usual and “suggested” our state Senate not pass it.

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I 2nd what @JTheHH has said.
I wish to best for you and your hubby.

B Safe

Hi sorry for not replying sooner for all your help …Have had major internet & telco service problems…All your seeds have germinated White Widow & AK47.Followed your grow guide & success my first indoor grow going well.Just switched to flower so will update when harvest arrives .Thanks again for your grow guide & forum on your web page.Cheers EV.