GrassMaster's mother room

Here are a few pictures of whats to come! In the line up is:

2 Strawberry Kush from ILGM
2 OG Kush from ILGM
2 Blueberry from Dutch Passion
2 Orange Bud from Dutch Passion
1 Big Bang from Greenhouse Seed Company

Pictured below is the 2 Blueberry

Pictured below is the Big Bang

Pictured below is the 2 OG Kush

Pictured below is the 2 Strawberry Kush

Pictured below is the 2 Orange Bud

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I will add more as growth explodes.


They sure look healthy, I’m growing a blueberry outside that’s got some flowers on it now, I’m hoping the weather stays for awhile longer.


I incorrectly labeled the California Orange.

It is Orange Bud, part of Dutch Passions color mix #4. Corrections were made above.

I would like to add one more thing. I have purchased seeds from many different companies over the years and I have to give Robert and his team big props for what they do. So far I have been quite impressed with the genetics. His prices just cannot be beat. His Purple Haze is in my top 3 favorites of all time. It is the perfect daytime smoke. His Blueberry takes away any headache I have almost immediately. Now, comparatively, he may not have the largest selection, but it shows that he spends his time perfecting what he has instead of inundating the customer with so many choices that it just leaves the them confused and unconfident with what they are buying. He’s got enough strains here to keep you busy for over a decade, and I’m sure he’ll perfect more by then. His passion shows.

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