Grasshoppers Attack

Hi guys. I’ve had a number of issues with one of my plants. Due to heat in the tropics it really struggled to get going. When it did finally kick on it was decimated by grasshoppers. Now it’s about a foot and a half high and is basically like a lollipop. My question is, should I prune anything, or just let go?


@Hawker from looking at your picture there there’s not a whole lot to trim I don’t know if you want to totally cut the hair of that thing but I’m not going to tell you what to do either I’m a begginer so what do I know we do have highley qualified individuals in here they can tell you

I’ll watch your plant grow I’m excited how yours will turn out good luck to you and stay healthy and happy growing

Nice backyard to you’ve got all kinds of room out here to grow a marajuana patch

Leave it be… good luck… I thought for sure with the title it was more of a Confucius say thing. Not so… Unfortunately
Nice chatting

Welcome to ILGM forum.

Thanks for the replies guys. Happy growing

That’s it ??? One and done?? What’s your next plan, gonna plant more, gonna stick around, any more pics, is she flowering?