Grass hoppers!

A question from a fellow grower:

im having pest problems mainly grass hoppers wat should i do?

This should get you started, anymore questions and feel free to ask…

Another question from a different grower:

Would neem-oil take care of the grasshoppers?

From an outside website - “For grasshoppers it should work as an IGR on the nymph stages of hoppers however you must be judicious in your spray program to get good control. As far as the adult stage we have consistently found that any plant sprayed with neem was not eaten by the hoppers. They actually land on the plants, but have not been observed to eat them at all. Other studies indicate no antifeedant success when using neem.” Golden Harvest Organics

My personal favorite is the glass jar routine, 10 parts water to 1 part molasses. Outside I would bury it most of the way, inside I just leave it in the middle of my grow.

You did not explain what the glass jar does…

The only problem with neem oil, is that it makes the yield taste like crap.

I would suggest calling your County agent. Identify the type grass hopper and ask him what he would suggest on order to eradicate grass hoppers from your tomato plants. Good Luck

Good point. The molasses in the glass jar is supposed to attract them because of it’s sweetness, the water drowns them.

I figured that, but less experienced growers might go…What? Thanks for the clarification. Peace :slight_smile: