Granules on stems

I have no idea what these are, but I keep wiping them off. I have a 60x microscope and don’t see any bugs:

Growing in pro mix hp. They seem to only appear on the leaf stems for the most part. And mostly up top. They come off, and crush very easily. Some are white, some are redish orange. If I leave them on the stems, the are around them gets discolored slightly. I’ve tried spraying sns 203 on everything and doesn’t seem to help. I had them on the mother plants as well, but they just kinda disappeared at some point during flower.

Do you water/feed before lights out? If pots are wet when stomata close can cause pressure within the plant and push out what appears to be resin.

Sort of, I don’t get home till around 5, lights off at 11, most of the time I don’t get to water until 9 or 10

I considered that as a possibility, but its hard finding pictures to confirm

Got some better pictures lastnight: