Granular MAP / flowering / pruning / curing


Questions from a fellow grower:

1- I have some granular MAP–mono-ammonium phosphate—should I add this to the roots now to move things along?–if not anything you would suggest?

2-How long does the flowering take—a couple of them have the flowers go from green to some blue now–according to everything I have read this is 4 weeks to finish and wait until I see red and purple flowers–

3-should I do any maintenance at all with the actual plants–pruning??

4- Curing is an option correct??–once ready to be harvested, separate bud from shake and I can simply dry by hanging the buds in a warm place for a week till it gets cringly dry—then into the oven at 150 for 30 minutes and BOOM


it takes 8 weeks to finish flowering you need from your n p k more p k fertilizer water be patient make sure your pistols are amber . maybe trim small lower limbs but my plants are outside 6 foot tall but I bent the down a little that made my lower limbs kolas. hang plants in a dry place upside down cut off guard leaves let stems crisp up then trim buds put them in a paper bag then mason jars make sure its dry you don’t wont mold that’s just 1 opinion.


No one can advise you whether or not to use MAP without knowing your entire fertilizer schedule. I use MAP, and MKP in my greenhouse solutio0n but that is a 300gallon tank. I TBS. per 300 gallons

The range of your questions leads me to believe that you need to download and read our Free Grow Bible. Then we can help you clarify things you do not understand. :slight_smile: